Instagram data source issues

We have learned of issues with the Instagram data source.  Due to API Changes on their side, our integration no longer works for users who have previously not set up an API key.  Users who already have an API key are largely not affected.  We're actively investigating and working on this.  Since some of this is out of our control and we have a dependency on Instagram to solve this, we unfortunately cannot give an ETA yet.

Thanks for your patience and we hope to have it back up soon.

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  1. Sidney says:

    When one uses the “Web App” option on App Studio, the generated app does not have a privacy policy section, and the app doesn’t pass certification when it is published to the Windows Store.
    Please kindly fix.

    1. Sidney says:

      When one uses the “Web App” option on App Studio(Windows 10 version), the generated app does not have a privacy policy section, and the app doesn’t pass certification when it is published to the Windows Store.
      Please kindly fix.

      1. Sidney says:

        Secondly embedded youtube videos do not appear on the windows 8.1 version of app studio, when they are included in the content of the app. it works very well on the windows 10 version, but not on the windows 8.1 version.

  2. Sidney says:

    On App Studio, Web Apps on both windows 8.1 and windows 10 don’t have a privacy policy when generated.
    Secondly, embedded youtube videos do not display on the windows 8.1 version of App Studio when they are posted in the content of the generated apps rss feed.

  3. Matt says:

    Any news on this?

  4. GarciaH says:

    Hello everyone
    This is very important in our applications
    but there is something I would like to say a while is time for applications improve websites
    A few months ago I started with blog app Microssoft
    and really it looks wonderful but something must add

    When browsing in the app microssoft using
    navigate without losing the menu as it does facebook
    It is to see all content go up and down without the menu
    is displayed above

    Please can add that on for app microssoft
    thank you so much and sorry my english is poor

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comments. Would it be possible for you to take some screenshots in order to better understand your suggestion?

      Best Regards.

      1. GarciaH says:

        Ok let me explain
        I am using a blog on free
        This blog I have added in the area of visual wordpress Studio app microssoft.
        when I open it on the computer I can navigate down and up
        without losing the menu .. I mean the menu is always there (I can always see)

        But when I open the application on my phone
        lose the menu to navigate down and up (I can not see the menu)
        I have to go home to see the menu I think it’s a mistake browser microssoft edge ..

        2 Screens


      2. GarciaH says:

        Hi please i need answers
        my application is urgent
        It is about my Christian church and There are many things that need improvement
        as the browser and applications Edge I want my application windows 10 mobile also go to IOS and Android
        but I see it difficult.

        1. Hi,

          Are you creating the app with Windows App Studio out of the box functionalitiy? I do not understand how the menu is set in the right up corner… Is it a Hosted Web Application? in that case, the responsible for the behavior is the web site itself.

  5. Leonel Funes says:

    I had API keys set up, but no longer worked… Tried creating new keys, no luck… Hopefully, this gets fixed up by the end of the month…

  6. Sidney says:


    And was consecrated by Bishop David Oyedepo and exists to bless the local community, city and nation in which she is planted.“God will give seed to the sower” II Corinthians 9:10. It is my earnest prayer and expectation that the Word of God expressed through this medium will serve as seeds of faith planted in the rich soil of your hearts and will shoot forth as fruit trees with the sap of character and ministry. The Word of God serves to equip you with practical knowledge, concepts and dimensions of God’s Kingdom, which will cause you to possess your inheritance and enter into the fullness of God’s will, plan, purpose and promises for your life.

  7. Sidney says:

    Thumbs up to the App Studio team, I really appreciate the work you’ve put into App Studio, and I am grateful that you take into account our user suggestions when updating the App Studio platform.
    For me, App Studio is the best product that Microsoft has today and it keeps getting better.

    I would like to request for the following features;

    1. I have an app called “Convenant Christian Centre” unfortunately App Studio won’t allow me to type the full App name because it has a character limit. Hence I can only type “Convenant Christian Centr” as the app name when creating my app. Sadly I’ve had to settle for an app name with no spaces in between and it doesn’t look nice. I would like to request for an extention of the character limit for App Names on App Studio, to accommodate Apps with much longer names, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t display properly in the device, as long as the name is written correctly.

    2. Can you make a generated App Studio app to occassionally tell the user’s to kindly go to the app store and rate the app? It can happen once after every update from the Windows Store.

    3. If it’s not too much, I would honestly like an offline version of Windows App Studio, something like project Sienna. It would really be awesome! Building apps online can be really challenging.

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