Windows App Studio Release – Windows 10 Store Package support and other new features


The Windows App Studio Windows 10 Store Support Release is now available, allowing you to easily create and publish a universal Windows app in record time with no code required.  This release builds on the foundation created with July’s App Studio Windows 10 Preview release.  You can directly submit your app to the Store through Dev Center, now with no intermediate step in Visual Studio required.  In addition, this release brings a host of other new features.

New Features:

Windows 10 Store Package with Screen Shots

Windows App Studio now generates a Store package for your Windows 10 apps, including automatically created screenshots for the Store listing.

Immersive Simulator (full screen web view)

No one wants to preview their app only in a tiny viewport.  Included with this release is a big full screen simulator into Windows App Studio.  Now it’s easy check out the app you’re building and interact with it in a full screen mode as you’re working on it. 

Windows App Studio Collection App


Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily manage the contents of a collection for an app without making any update to the app itself?  Now you can with the newly released Windows App Studio Collection App available here.  This app lets you easily manage the collections for all your apps in real time without the need to go to the Windows App Studio website.  Update the data in the app and it will update the data in your relevant projects and apps with no additional actions required.

Live Tiles Editor


You can now design dynamic Live Tiles for your Windows 10 apps from within Windows App Studio.  This will work on any Windows 10 app you create with the exception of Hosted Web Apps.  With this tool, you fully customize your Live Tiles to make your app more dynamic for your customers when they view it from the Start menu or on a Windows 10 mobile device.

…and more, including:

  • Advanced theme and icon editors
  • Better sideloading support for Windows 10 apps
  • Hero Image Editor
  • Improvements to the UX in apps generated with added visual features
  • Initial Windows 10 IoT support
  • Windows App Studio NuGet packages
  • Source code on GitHub for libraries and sample apps


As many of you already know, with  Universal Windows apps the same app can run on PCs, Mobile devices, and Raspberry Pi 2s and other IoT devices.  Windows Universal apps generated in Windows App Studio will share all of this great functionality and they’ll run on a wide range of devices. 

For those of you with existing Windows 8.1 projects in App Studio, with just a couple of mouse-clicks, you can upgrade your project to Windows 10.  All you need to do is to navigate to your Windows 8.1 Projects page, and click on the “Convert” icon for any app(s) you’d like to upgrade.  It really is that easy.

Enjoy the new Windows App Studio release and let’s go build some apps!




Comments (14)
  1. Igor says:

    Well done guys!!! This update is the one I have been waiting for!!!

    Only thing that I miss here and now is the search within the app! Hope it is coming in near future!

    And by the way, one suggestion… I think that you should enable that one of the app's section can be app's home page! That would be much more logical that the current messy home page structure! This should be quite simple to implement, and please consider adding this option soon! Please!

    Keep up an amazing work! Regards!

    P.S. I would be very grateful if you could help me change the number of videos shown in Youtube playlists? Can you tell what line of code I should edit and where to find it in VS? Please, help…

  2. SYD Harry says:

    Is it possible to create a Radio app with Shoutca streaming links like this  ?

    Thank you.

  3. Xavier Melo says:

    Los paquetes no están siendo generados de manera correcta

  4. Iván Pérez says:

    Mil gracias, realmente necesitábamos esta actualización, ya podemos hacer Windows 10 mejor y mas completo entre todos.

  5. Joe Gargery says:

    Nice job~

    Thank you~

  6. Owen says:

    It would be nice if I didn't need to leave the phone with sideloading enabled after install of app.

  7. Curt says:

    Why does App Studio need to access my Email Contacts.  What is Microsoft upto?

  8. Hi Curt,

    This is to validate the user identity by validating the existence of the live ID (= logon), and then it is also required to notify the user about the package generation. This has nothing to do with the your Email Contacts.


  9. Norbert says:

    I'm having a problem that my windows 10 desktop RSS app does not seem to detect my mouse properly i.e. it doesn't have scrollbars, it doesn't have the next article button, it doesn't have the back button. The preview works fine and has all of these navigation elements but the resulting package does not. Is this a known issue? I'm installing the package on a laptop running up to date windows 10 RTM with developer mode enabled. Are the app studio apps targeting a newer insider build perhaps?

  10. Sasivarnan R says:

    How to convert an web app made with WinJS to a Universal WIndows Application?

    Is it possible to do it in App Studio? Any future plans for doing this?

  11. Gerhard Goeschl says:


    Cool new release, and YES!! now with real live tiles!!

    One question though: What exactly do you mean by "Initial Windows 10 IoT support"??

    Any info about this would be appreciated!


  12. Webserveis says:

    How is posible add custom detail page with HTML,CSS3 and Javascript?

  13. Mauricio Melo says:

    Good changes, but now i cannot select the different layouts for the pages, it get stuck on the original whiout a way to change it,

  14. MEDOOO says:

    ناااااااااايس وشكرا على المجهود الرئع

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