Windows App Studio update for Windows 10 launch


We are excited to announce an update for this July in App Studio to coincide with the Windows 10 release.   We worked hard to both update App Studio for Windows 10 and introduce some new features that are designed to improve the quality and capabilities of apps you create. 

Here is a sampling of just some of the new features we introduced:

-            Responsive design using visual break points

-            Redlines for every layout

-            New reading web view

-            New nuget packages

-            Open source core libraries in GitHub

-            Simplified generated code


In addition to adding features that improve the quality of the apps, we also improved the features of App Studio itself.  The major changes are:


New Windows 10 simulator – We have a new simulator that is capable of showing the great experiences that come with Windows 10.  We think you’ll love this improved feature.

New Dialog to start Windows 10 apps – While this is still in preview mode, we have introduced a new path that allows you to create apps for Windows 10. This is the new default option for building apps.    At the moment, you can only generate code for PCs and Tablets, but Phone will be activated later for Windows 10 Mobile is ready.

Convert apps from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 – We built a nice tool to help you easily upgrade your apps from Windows 8.1 to be fully Windows 10 compatible.  We hope that this makes things easy for you!

Hosted Web Apps (HWA) – This is the new version of the Web App Template (WAT) for Windows 10 designed to take advantage of the new version’s features.  WAT still exists for 8.1 apps too!

We are also excited to announce that we just aligned our infrastructure to the just released Windows and Visual Studio RTM, so no need to worry about maintaining installs of the RC client!

We are also working on another release that will be available in the next couple of months.  We’re building some great things, so we can’t wait to show you.  As always, we’d love to hear your suggestions and comments, so head on over to the Forums or User Voice to let us know what’s on your mind! 

Happy app building!


-The Windows App Studio Team

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  1. Xavier Melo TM says:

    When available will be the generation of publication of Windows 10 packages?

  2. Patrik Martinsson says:

    get an error i open whit VS update required but i cant find the update? and when submitting the app from install pack i get error:

    Package acceptance validation error: The Publisher attribute of the Identity element in the app manifest of file …

    i have trippel checked my ID and it's the right one.

    i have put up this on the forum too

  3. Joe says:

    When available will be the generation of publication of Windows 10 packages(with Windows Phone 10)?

  4. App Studio Still Doesn't Play Youtube Embedded Videos says:

    Whenever I have an RSS feed that contains an embedded link from Youtube, App Studio doesn't recognise this link. The result is an app that's blank.

    Please enable or include the ability to display embedded codes in App Studio.

    Also an auto refresh feature for apps would be greatly appreciated. App users can go to a settings page in the app and configure how often they want the app to auto refresh.

    Please remove the "App Studio link in the about page"

    Finally a notification feature, when new updates arrive would also be very useful. The app can display "1 new article(s)" or "2 new article(s)" e.t.c. So that one can be notified about new articles in the app as opposed to the app being dormant until you manually refresh it.

  5. Alexander says:

    Hello. Do Win10 apps work good in Windows 7? Thanks.

  6. S_A_O says:

    This is how to update a solution, I tired it for my App Studio sln but it didn't work for me perhaps it will for you Patrik

  7. KayoOliver says:

    Please, Publish Package for Windows 10. We need it.

  8. Miguel says:

    How to link a music file from my Onedrive to Windows App Studio?

    When I copy the Onedrive  URL I receive an invalid URL link error message.

  9. ravinder kumar says:

    Windos10 packages

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