How To Merge Different Source Code Generated by Windows App Studio

Sara Silva comes to us with another amazing app Studio tutorial. This time she is teaching us how to merge the source codes of our various versions of App Studio for faster updating and less manual revision.


Windows App Studio is a service that allows any person without programming skills to create applications for Windows Phone and Windows. In just 4 steps: have an idea, add content, choose the style and use the application. The service provides a set of templates to help the users in creating various applications, theses templates are great starting points for specific uses which are more frequently used.

When a Windows App Studio application is generated it is possible to get the source code to change it in Visual Studio, and then run the application in the emulator or in any windows 8.1 device. But if the application is changed in the Windows App Studio website, then the source code is changed and the new source code needs to be merged. Windows App Studio does not support the re-upload of the source code that has been changed or

In this article we will show a solution to merge the different source code using a tool calledSource Tree , which provides a graphical interface for manage source repositories.

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  1. Smartmil_Toys says:

    For me the first impression your app makes on a user comes from the logo and splash screen. The logo appears in the Windows Store and on the start screen. The splash screen is shown instantly when a user launches the app, and gives immediate feedback to the user while your app initializes its resources. It's dismissed when the first page of your app is ready to show.

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