How To Add Xbox Music to Windows App Studio


First – Sign in to App Studio and select the project you would like to add an Xbox Music collection to.

Second – Add a collection Data Source from the advanced sources by pressing the plus sign on the icon and set up three rows as follows:

Choose the Dynamic Resources bubble

Add a columntype of text with the
title “Name”

Add a columntype of image with the
title “ImageUrl”

Add a columntype of url with the
title “Link”

Note* The Name of each columntype above IS Case Sensitive

Third – Bind the Data using the multiple column detail page. I made the bindings below in such a way that when someone
clicks the image or the title, they will be taken to the Xbox Music store for the respective track/album


Fourth – Click on the Data Section of the collection and then select the “Edit Data” Section

Fifth – You will need to create a .csv file with the artist/track/album name and a deep link to the Xbox music you
want shown in your app. HERE is a link to a sample version you can use that is pre-populated with Bob Dylan songs.


You can use this link: from here perform a search for an artist. Once it creates results you can select “Export to CSV” Which will create a file for another artist, same as above for Bob Dylan.

Sixth – Go back to App Studio and select “Import Data”

Seventh – Select the CSV file that was given to you from the tool above. And import it. You should see it looking similar to what you see below.

** If you do not see something populating be sure to double check that your naming of the columntypes is exactly like shown in the images above.

Eighth – From Here select all of your preferred Main layout options and voila! Your app is populated with all of the Dylan albums that are offered through Xbox Music.


Optional – If you want to monetize the music in your collections, follow the steps below.

First – You will want to sign up for an affiliate network – Xbox recommends Rakuten Linkshare Which can be found here:

Second – You will need to apply to the Xbox Music Affiliate program The link to do that can be found here:

Third - Build links using Link Maker – You can use your LinkShare dashboard to accomplish this and can also use this guide to accommodate your efforts -

Extra Info – For all of the information related to Xbox Music you can check this MSDN Link:

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  1. John Donavan says:

    Was looking for this query. My job is done. Thanks for this tutorial i really appreciate this help.

  2. Damsi says:

     I want to know if there are chances to actually play the songs within the app section. I can see that the "ColumnType" section has besides Name, Url etc the option "song".

      What is the option this feature can provide if selected?

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