Windows App Studio Changes in app generation coming December 17th 2014

Hello App Studio Users!

As we focus on building universal Windows apps that run on any phone, tablet, or PC running Windows 8.1, we will remove support for Windows Phone 8.0 app generation in App Studio. All the apps you have created can be used to generate universal apps. In addition, all the previous versions generated targeting Windows Phone 8.0 will be still available to download as source code, publish, or installable package.  However, if you plan on making updates to App Studio apps targeting Windows Phone 8.0, we encourage you to update and generate before December 17th, 2014.


What does this mean for mean for my Windows Phone 8.0 apps I have created in App Studio?
You can still download the source code, publish package, and installable packages of the apps you created targeting Windows Phone 8.0.  All past projects apps will continue to be able to be improved and edited; however, to generate apps with those changes, they will have to be generated as universal Windows project targeting Windows Phone 8.1 and/or Windows 8.1.


Will I be able to have access to my past 8.0 versions?
Yes, you will be able to still access these through your Generation History and you can download the source code, publish package, and installable packages.

What does this mean for mean for my Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 apps that I have created in App Studio?
There will be no changes Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 app creation and generation in Windows App Studio.

For additional support questions, please visit the Windows App Studio Forum.




Comments (9)

  1. Doctor-Who says:

    This really suck! I have 2 apps in the Windows Phone store, both I used App Studio to write. And I use both on my phone. I am with Verizon (my wife and I have Lumia 928's). Verizon is dragging their feet on upgrading any of the Windows Phones they've sold to 8.1. This effectively makes it impossible for me to use App Studio to write any more apps for the only platform I have access to and for all users of my apps who also happen to be on Verizon. I am asking that you please reconsider this decision. I'm stuck with my current plan until late summer 2015, and I am CERTAIN that Verizon won't do anything to get 8.1 onto my phone nor any other Windows Phones they've sold.

  2. Preston Gallwas says:

    I came to say that this is sad for all the owners who are stuck with carriers not releasing 8.1, as Doctor-Who mentioned.  8.1 is a huge improvement and quite frankly there should be more done to work with carriers (or compel them) to push the updates.

  3. Justin says:

    I want to echo the other posters, discontinuing support for 8.0 while your carriers haven't even provided an 8.1 update is garbage.

  4. Alok Rajasukumaran says:

    Am a developer of windows phone platform.

    this is the worst decision from windows.

    if you wanna go forward with this., ask other nuget package releases to do it for us now.

    can yu?

    can you guys get us ad mob for windows phone 8.1?

  5. You should all be able to sign up for the "Preview for Developers" with your App Studio account and download the 8.1 updates without your carrier.

    This option is available to the vast majority of Windows 8 devices at this point.

    Here is the link:…/178ac8a1-6519-4a0b-960c-038393741e96

  6. with your App Studio account and download the 8.1 updates without your carrier. says:

    with your App Studio account and download the 8.1 updates without your carrier.

  7. Doctor-Who says:

    App Studio Support Team, what you say is true. And I admit that I haven't taken advantage of it, but that still misses the point that our carrier hasn't upgraded their Windows Phones to the Cyan update. That could potentially represent a large portion of users. We can't very well ask non-developers to update their phones when many don't have the skillset to do that.

  8. Jesus Anaya says:

    Please them check the Issue with Youtube Videos in Windows Phone Universal Apps, the phone:WebBrowse works better than the webview 🙁

  9. Greg Hoover says:

    I too echo the sentiment regarding the state of affairs with carriers–Verizon–not upgrading WP8 devices they have sold to 8.1. Verizon has a large percentage of the market and thus impacts a large segment of WP users.…/how-verizon-convinced-me-to-give-up-my-windows-phone

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