Creating a Windows Phone app for your website using Microsoft App Studio

Microsoft aims at making it easier for developers to get started with app development on Windows platform. Our website too has a similar goal and we want more and more developers to start developing apps for this platform. To make life easier Microsoft started a new program, App Studio where less experienced developers can have a go at making apps for Windows Phone and desktop. It’s a wizard type of thing where you get various customizations to make your app personal. Even some experienced developers use it to develop a prototype.

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Comments (3)

  1. devilsnare says:

    Thanks for highlighting this post. You can also take your wordpress site to Windows 8. Heres an article with step by step tutorial…/creating-a-free-windows-8-metro-app-for-your-wordpress-blog-using-ideapress

  2. Pranay Shah says:

    I have a webapp which I made into a Windows Phone app using app studio. However there is a problem with Facebook oAuth login popup. Once activated, nothing shows and there is just a blank screen. The same popup displays just fine in my webapp. Any help?

  3. Stacey Benedict says:

    I have been trying to write down a tutorial for creating a windows app using an android platform for my website , As i am just starting up, what do you think i should start with app studio or visual studio.

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