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Posted By Werner Reuss
Windows Embedded Business Lead for Germany and Eastern Europe

The POS and barcode were once the apex of retail technology. They allowed mega stores to balance enormous demand with adequate supply. Nowadays, whoever has the most intelligent system is able to balance fleets of stores--from production, through logistics, digital signage, and even consumption based on weather forecasting--all in real time…and…autonomously.

The ability for machines to communicate with other devices of the same type, whether it be via the cloud or wired network, is referred to as “M2M” or “machine learning.” It’s an exciting new trend, particularly in the embedded space. Just think about it: Having devices capture data and spot trends and react accordingly opens up tremendous possibilities to better automate systems and make an intelligent system even smarter.

Imagine if you knew what your devices know, and could tell them how to react to certain conditions. We did. Watch below to see what’s possible.

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