Program empowers enterprises with direct access to Windows Embedded 8 technology

Posted By Barb Edson
General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

In March, we marked a major milestone for enterprises, OEMs and our entire ecosystem: the general availability of Windows Embedded 8. Today Microsoft took the second step as part of our commitment to help enterprises capitalize on Microsoft’s devices and services strategy by harnessing the power of Windows throughout intelligent systems. Now, enterprises can access specific versions of Windows Embedded 8 directly from Microsoft. The new volume licensing options for specific versions of Windows Embedded 8 offer enterprises the opportunity to upgrade their Windows Embedded software to Windows Embedded 8 Industry, seamlessly and affordably, without upgrading their devices. It also allows enterprises to unlock powerful enterprise features in their devices already running on Windows Embedded 8 Standard.

You can read much more about this opportunity for enterprises in our feature story on the Windows Embedded News Center, and visit the Windows Embedded 8 page on our website to learn more about the technology.

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