Recognizing excellence among Windows Embedded partners

Posted By Karen Roberts
Senior Partner Marketing Manager

The Windows Embedded Partner Program team congratulates our ecosystem partners who recently received a Partner Excellence Award. The Windows Embedded Partner Excellence Awards recognize members of the Windows Embedded Partner Program that excel at driving the Windows Embedded business. Their contributions help bring solutions to market that support the development of intelligent systems worldwide.


Thanks to all the partners who submitted nominations. Below is a summary, by category, of the winning partners.

Technical Excellence
These partners have delivered the highest quality of technical solutions on the latest Windows Embedded technologies:

Bsquare – Americas

Adeneo Embedded – EMEA

Direct Insight – EMEA

Time to Market
These partners have delivered the most impactful contribution to help customers decrease time to market:

Adeneo Embedded – Americas


Telechips – APAC

These partners have delivered the most innovative use of embedded technology to solve a business problem:

IntervalZero – Americas

IntervalZero – EMEA

Rayonnance – EMEA

These partners have significantly promoted the Windows Embedded platform by delivering the most impactful competitive win-back.

Adeneo Embedded – Americas

YF Technology – APAC

Integrated Solution Win
This partner has delivered the most impactful embedded technology solution in a medical, retail or manufacturing scenario:

Rayonnance – EMEA

Community Leadership
These partners have delivered the most impactful developer community engagement through evangelism, training or academics:

ICOP Technology – Americas

BEPS Engineering – EMEA


You can read much more about our Windows Embedded partners on our website.

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