Getting in the Mood

Posted By Myriam Semery
Windows Embedded BG Lead

With the popularity of the show “Mad Men,” I was thinking about how the world of advertising has changed. Long gone are the days of Don Draper and Peggy Olson pitching clients advertising campaigns using placards and static drawings. Today we live in a dynamic world of advertising where retailers have many channels at their disposal with which to interact with consumers and develop their brands.

This has caused the advertising agencies to evolve and in many ways think like software companies, and breed new terms like “interactive agency,” “digital content experts,” or, in the case of one of our key partners, Mood Media: “media specialists.” Mood Media lives at the intersection of design, environment and technology, creating point-of-purchase audio, video, and even scent-based retail solutions that make a meaningful connection and a personalized experience for customers.

We partner with Mood Media to provide the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform, and they work with designers to bring all the elements together in an integrated retail solution. On April 25, Microsoft France will host a breakfast panel in Paris for retailers to discuss how they can leverage intelligent systems solutions to create a unique in-shop customer experiences, and implement strategies that help them grow their business. We’ll have experts on hand from Dragon Rouge, SFR and BRANDS’lab. If you are interested in attending, please contact

I’m looking forward to a lively discussion, and will share insights in a future post.

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