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Posted By Myriam Semery
Windows Embedded BG Lead

The not-to-miss event for technological innovation and design and marketing at the point of sale, Shop Innovation 2013, is taking place in Paris, Porte de Versailles on April 3 and 4. Windows Embedded will be there, as partners’ solutions are showcased onsite—solutions that take customer service to the next level, with interactive displays, heightened connectivity and ever-more personalized shopping experiences.

Improveeze specializes in gesture and tactile solutions for touchscreens, tablets, interactive terminals and digital signs. The show will be an opportunity for Improveeze to introduce and showcase its latest solution, “Sonar,” which demonstrates the performance and effectiveness of commercial interactive screens in a store. This offering—which runs on Windows Embedded--includes strategic consulting and operational support, as well as supply and installation of “probes” (industry tablets and other types of shopping interactive displays) at the point of sale. The installation of interactive screens in the shop enables Sonar to collect data via the installed system. The main advantage of this offering is that it will allow retailers to test it before buying it. Indeed, a test version of the solution is proposed, for a limited period, which allows the retailer to assess the return on investment that can be generated by the interactive digital signage solutions. It also enables brick-and-mortar retailers to test the concept of shop-in-shop. Improveeze connects stores together, and provide points of sale with all the richness and power of e-commerce, to move stores into the era of cloud computing.

InStore Solutions designs, manufactures, distributes and integrates customized digital signage and interactive kiosks solutions based on the Windows Embedded Standard 7 and POSReady 7 platforms. At the show, it will showcase its partnership with Compario, a specialist in customer-experience management in the e-commerce area. This partnership will enable companies to offer to their customers hosted management solutions for integrated retail experiences. With this intelligent system, retailers will be able to finalize a sale in-store, leveraging customer preferences and interest gathered from their online shopping experience. This customer data is displayed on a kiosk or a tablet and enables the shop staff to suggest targeted articles based on the customer’s specific shopping habits and preferences.

Prodware is one of the first Microsoft partners in Europe to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV into a solution. Prodware creates, integrates and hosts IT solutions for businesses in a sector where success requires a combination of strong IT expertise and industry know-how. As an illustration, Prodware recently launched its EBusiness Suite. Based on the assumption that organizations are increasingly multichannel, Prodware wanted to offer the SME market a tool for creating e-commerce sites based entirely on ERP (enterprise resource planning). Native integration with ERP makes managing and transferring data easier for retailers. The retail market is clearly strategic for Prodware as a Windows Embedded partner, and their expertise in managing retailers’ data enables them to put intelligent systems to work to help their customers differentiate and adapt their strategy in real time

Rayonnance Technologies builds end-to-end solutions that employ a wide range of devices, from Windows Phone smartphones to Windows Embedded Handheld or Windows 8 tablets in the store. Windows Embedded Gold Partner Rayonnance is an expert in mobility scenarios, leveraging handheld devices which are connected to the back-end infrastructure while running customer-facing applications that enable retailers to upsell, queue boost and process payments on the terminal, delivering a faster and richer customer experience. You can read more about Windows Embedded-based solutions for retail here.

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