SYNC with MyFord Touch Update Available from a Browser Near You

Posted By Chris Elliot
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Software updates are a common occurrence these days. Whether it’s your mobile phone, laptop or Xbox 360—we’ve become used to our technology updating without worry. These updates enhance our experience by improving quality or providing new features. Well, now you can add the car to the list of technologies that get software updates.

Select Ford owners, who have SYNC with MyFord Touch, can now update their system just by going to Simply download the update to a thumb-drive, plug it into your Ford’s USB port, and presto—your MyFord Touch system updates. You can also take your vehicle to your local Ford dealer if you choose that route.

As part of our work with Ford to continuously improve SYNC, this most recent update reflects customer feedback and provides new features to make SYNC even easier to use. Key updates include:

• More natural voice recognition: For example, when selecting music, you can now simply say “Play <name>” when requesting a specific artist, song, album or genre of music (i.e. “Play jazz” versus “Play genre jazz”).
• Simplified navigation input: We’ve made improvements around predictive text to make entering an address faster and easier.  
• Easier phone pairing: Instead of entering a pin, you just have to hit a button to confirm that the pin on the phone and the pin on the screen match (for this feature, your phone must support Bluetooth Simple Secure Pairing). And given the speed of innovation in the mobile device industry, we’ve added support for a lot of new phones too.

From the start, Ford SYNC was engineered to be updateable, making it possible to add support for new applications and devices, and address customer feedback. SYNC is built on Windows Embedded Automotive, a strong, flexible platform that supports software updates. The idea of providing updates for automotive systems is still a relatively new one for the industry, but the platform approach Ford and Microsoft have taken with SYNC enables a vehicle experience that keeps pace with the speed of consumer technology.

As we have in the past, Microsoft engineers worked closely with Ford on the development of this latest set of updates. Going forward, we will work with Ford to deliver continued innovation and improvement for Ford SYNC.
So download the latest version today, and let us know what you think.

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