A Sterling Case for Intelligent Systems in UK Retail

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My clan and I devote our lives to working with Windows Embedded customers to bring truth, justice and the Embedded Way in this technology-driven world. OK, maybe that should read ‘to bring Identity, Security, Connectivity, Manageability, UX, Analytics…and the Intelligent Systems Way’. After all, it is the implementation of a complete Intelligent System that we all strive to share with you, our loyal ninja followers. A description of one such example of an Intelligent System in action comes from our ninja in the U.K., Simon Francis. Simon is a Windows Embedded Solutions Specialist who wanted to share his story about a retail success in a rather challenging environment. Over to you, Simon.

The number is staggering.

Approximately 25,000 people in the retail industry attend the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention & EXPO in New York. Countries from around the world are represented at this massive event taking place this week.

While many markets and regions will paint a picture of growth and prosperity in the sector, there are some spots on the globe that offer a more challenging retail scenario. One example is in the U.K.

Research from Deloitte this month shows that 194 U.K. retailers were forced into administration in 2012, compared with 183 in 2011 and 165 in 2010. Deloitte predicted further distress in the retail sector in 2013 as the U.K. high street continues to face economic and structural challenges – from muted consumer spending over Christmas to the increasing popularity of online retailers.

Yes, the numbers make anyone in the retail business stagger.

With fierce competition in the market, Microsoft works closely with such retailers as The Co-Operative to help them get the most out of every pound. Since 2002, the leading U.K. convenience store operator and major financial services provider used Windows on its point-of-sale and server systems and never looked back.

It’s a great story and wonderful testament to the collaboration. The Co-Operative took advantage of Windows Embedded to turn more than 16,000 retail lanes in the U.K. into intelligent systems. Roughly 30,000 Windows Embedded-based devices are in stores across the country, with the entire system processing about 200 million pounds per week.

Staggering, indeed.

Instead of writing even more about the interesting work going on at The Co-Operative, why don’t you check out this story produced for Microsoft News Center. In a video within the story, you can see and hear from the U.K. retailer about how it has changed the way it interacts with customers to deliver rich analytics and superior customer experiences.

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