Harnessing the Power of Intelligent Systems in Taiwan

Posted By John Boladian
Marketing Director, Asia Pacific & Greater China

Taiwan is a highly competitive market for Windows Embedded OEMs/ODMs, and growing more so each year. My colleague Alan Lee, Windows Embedded Business Lead for Taiwan, shares his thoughts on the increasing momentum there of intelligent systems.

In the recent years, Taiwan has become a world-class computer design and manufacturing country. A majority of the players are small- and medium-sized companies who started their business as PC original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and later utilized their skills and expertise in embedded computing to make a mark in different industries that include POS, KIOSK, industrial PC and military.

Microsoft Windows Embedded recently unveiled a series of products during its Road Map announcement and it has the industry excited, as many of our customers and partners are anticipating new and exciting ways to enhance technology with intelligent systems.

The intelligent systems market in Asia, including Taiwan, is experiencing explosive growth. In Taiwan, we have more than 20 OEM/ODMs that are currently evaluating the community technology preview (CTP) for Windows Embedded Standard 8, and over 120 projects have been completed and are being tested for Windows Embedded 8. Device categories include PPC, IPC, POS, industrial table, medicaland many more.




Companies across industries have been using the CTP to develop a new generation of devices that can connect and participate within an enterprise IT infrastructure. The big benefit for organizations is that now they can create devices with the confidence that they are able to leverage the powerful enterprise and IT pro tools offered by Microsoft. By evaluating how Windows 8 technologies can help them evolve their intelligent systems solutions, it also ensures the investments they’re making today will carry forward to Windows 8. What really stood out for our ODMs/OEMs was the secured infrastructure that was harnessed by key capabilities for intelligent systems, including security features, management, identity and connectivity.

The new user-experience features like touch-optimized, Application Launcher and New Custom Logon can help OEMs specialize and differentiate their devices. The new tools also help increase the efficiency during product development, powerful connectivity for new standards like USB3, broadband, NFC, WiFi Direct, etc. which are necessary for embedded industry.

Taiwan is a highly competitive market for local OEMs/ODMs, and in order to ensure that they continue to be at the frontier, they need to continuously evolve and differentiate their products. Intelligent systems solutions are an opportunity for them to have an edge in the industry. The challenge for the OEMs/ODMs is how to increase software and integration capability in-house or build up their own intelligent system ecosystem.

We are definitely watching the local market space as we see more development and progress in exploring the capabilities of intelligent systems.

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