Tis the season to be shopping…for a phone that works with your car!

Posted By Chris Elliott
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Christmas is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you have some shopping to do.

Some of you may be considering buying a new mobile phone as a gift for yourself or someone on your list.  There are so many cool new options out there to choose from (including some great Windows Phone 8 devices—hint, hint) but for those with a car that has an in-car connectivity system, like Ford SYNC, one important consideration will be whether the new device is compatible with your car.

If you have Ford SYNC, you don’t have to worry because you can use any device you want, including smart phones, MP3 players, and USB drives, to connect with your car.

Ford SYNC is built on Windows Embedded Automotive, an open, device agnostic software platform that enables SYNC to connect with virtually any mobile device to make calls, text or play music. And the Windows Embedded Automotive platform makes SYNC updateable, so as new devices come into the market, SYNC will be able to support them. This means that with SYNC you can rest easy knowing that whatever new device you choose will work with your car, whether you are selecting from this season’s must-have devices or something in the future.

Good luck with your shopping, and if you see Santa, tell him I could really use a Surface.

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