Sizing Up Intelligent Systems

Posted By The Embedded Ninja

Over the past year, one of the more prominent discussion points surrounding in-store devices has been the ability for a retailer to properly size their customers. When you think about it, sizing is a difficult situation that customers are faced with every time they shop. There’s the issue of determining your size, matching that known size to the fit of the clothes, and ultimately trying the clothing of choice on. And this assumes, of course, that what you want or fits is in stock in the store.

While this experience is indeed one that a retailer can capitalize on, it most certainly has the opportunity to distract a customer from experiencing other parts of the store, examining other products, and ultimately impacts the impression of the store. Ideally, sizing is either a non-event or one of the quickest and simplest things a customer has to go through – preferably once. From that point on, it’s just a matter of coordinating colors and styles vs. trying clothes on or trying to find a pair of pants that fit.

One of our ninjas, Eric Kamont, speaks of his experience with an interesting spin on sizing with an in-mall sizing kiosk from Me-Ality. As you listen to the story keep in mind the multitude of ways one could leverage the sizing data in BI analytics, customer loyalty, and feedback mechanisms into manufacturing and supply chain. Definitely try this one on for size.

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