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Posted By Chris Elliott
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

This week, we joined Ford at gdgt Live New York where more than 1,500 gadget geeks streamed into Chelsea’s Altman Building to see the latest and greatest consumer technology. Many of them ended up planted in one of the brand-new Ford Focus Electrics to get a hands-on demo of Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch.

Many of the new gadgets I saw were designed for mobile devices. Phone covers, portable hard drives and headphones seemed to get the most attention. But what was really noticeable during the conversations I had was that people are still actively looking for ways to efficiently consume media. The portable consumption of news, video and other content appears to be a significant trend for a long time.

One key statement we heard over and over again was that people just want their device to work in the vehicle. Since SYNC is developed on the Windows Embedded Automotive software platform, there’s no need to worry about a specific device pairing with SYNC or it seamlessly integrating with the car. Part of what makes SYNC so great is that it welcomes most mobile devices into the vehicle—whether it’s today’s newest smartphone or that flip-phone from years past that some folks just can’t live without. Once you’ve paired your mobile device, Ford SYNC will remember that device. Every time you enter the car, it automatically connects. So even if you’ve left the phone in the trunk, it can still pair up.

While I kept getting distracted by Sharp’s 90-inch LED television, we were still able to have some great conversations and show off Ford SYNC. One of the folks even took the time to post a video review of Ford SYNC.

One other benefit we got to talk about was the ability to enable the upgradeable car. A car’s technology can now be updated to evolve, providing owners with the benefits they have come to expect from their consumer electronic devices. Incremental improvements to the design, additional functionality and improved performance from the system are all possible without the need to upgrade the existing hardware. This means that Ford and other Windows Embedded Automotive partners are able to keep pace with technology advances, including the consumer devices drivers are bringing into the car.

As we reflect on the evening, we also wanted to share some images from the night and again congratulate Amy Vernon, who won our gdgt contest!

gdgt co-founder Peter Rojas poses with a 2013 Ford Edge outside of Madison Square Garden. Amy Vernon won an opportunity to experience gdgt like a VIP in style.

Pairing your mobile device is a breeze. Thanks to SYNC’s Bluetooth connectivity, SYNC can stream audio or send a text. All you have to do is ask.

The Ford Focus Electric can get up to 110 miles from a full charge.

Taking a look under the hood shows a low-maintenance electric engine. No need for oil changes any more.

Microsoft product manager Tim Sellers and Ford Engineer Jen Brace pose with a 2012 Ford Focus Electric before gdgt live in New York.

Future generations of drivers are excited for the all-electric vehicles. This guy even knew how to change the radio station within MyFord touch.
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