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Posted By Kevin Dallas
General Manager

Our growing enthusiasm over the last few months is undeniable. The convergence of cloud-based services, data centers, pervasive connectivity and specialized devices has led to the emergence of a new category within the traditional embedded market – a category that is exponentially greater than the sum of the parts.

We identified this emerging category as intelligent systems and together with IDC and Intel we’ve been talking about the impact it’s already having across industries, businesses, and ultimately, end users.

Microsoft laid out its roadmap for intelligent systems in the fall of last year. As we move forward, we want to engage with you to discuss how intelligent systems are taking shape and where the challenges and opportunities are for the market.

With this new blog we’re taking a more ‘intelligent’ approach to the conversation, providing you with one place to read about Microsoft’s evolving strategy for intelligent systems and to hear commentary and encourage discussion with members of our global engineer and marketing teams. You can expect to learn more about subjects ranging from our current products, to updates and those still in development. We’ll also discuss emerging trends, industry sectors and other timely topics. I’m especially excited to see some of the growth that’s taking place in the automotive space, as outlined by Ford technical fellow Jim Buczkowski. (And when you have a chance, take a look at these articles on the growth of intelligent systems and how we’re helping retailers transform the shopping experience.)

In return, we want to hear from you! Please join the conversation with your own comments, and with suggestions on what you’d like to learn more about. There’s sure to be differing opinions, but our hope is that exchanges are respectful, insightful and on-topic. If any comment falls short of that then we reserve the right to delete or edit comments where necessary.

We’re optimistic about what’s in store and my hope is that “Approaching Embedded Intelligently” becomes an effective and lively forum for sharing ideas and working together.

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