WMI Command-line Tool is not Completely Localized in Std 2009

The Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line tool is not completely localized because the file CLIEGALI.MFL for the appropriate MUI language is not brought into the runtime when it is built in Target Designer. This is the file that defines the localized WMI namespace root\cli\MS_xxx, where xxx is the LCID for a language (e.g. 411 for Japanese). This file, for every language, does exist in the repositories but is not owned by any component.

To solve this problem copy the file (for the specific language you need) from the embedded repositories to the runtime, and place it under %Windows%\MUI\Fallback\<LCID>.

If wmic.exe has been run at least once it gets a little more complicated. When you run wmic for the first time, it compiles its MOF and MFL files (Cli.mof, Cliegaliases.mof, and Clialiases.mfl, etc), which get written into the WBEM repository (%WINDOWS%\system32\wbem\Repository) along with MOF/MFL files from other WMI providers. To resolve the problem in this case:

1. Copy the file over to the XPe device and then

2. Compile CLIEGALI.MFL after copying it to the runtime as follows:

Open a command window and run the following command:

mofcomp %Windows%\MUI\Fallback\<LCID>\CLIEGALI.MFL

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