Azure + Bing Maps: Sample source code and updated live demonstration now available

We're happy to announce the source code for the Azure + Bing Maps sample is now available on 1Code. You can download the C# version from, and the VB version from Note to build and run the sample, you must provide your own account information, such as Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric, Bing Maps, Windows Live Messenger Connect, etc. Please refer to the ReadMe.htm in the downloaded package for more instructions.

In addition, the live demonstration has also been updated to reflect the latest changes. You can find the new HTML client demo on (best to view in IE9), and the Silverlight client demo on There's no live demonstration for the Windows Phone client, so you'll have to download the source code, provide your own account information, and build the Windows Phone client project.

By the way, if you don't know the 1Code project, it is a central place for Microsoft to ship code and application samples. It contains more than 500 samples (and more to come in the future), which covers almost (if not all) Microsoft development areas. There're small code samples demonstrating single how to topics, as well as large application samples like ours combined with blog post series demonstrating how to build a complete project. All samples are free to download. Feel free to check out the 1Code site on

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  1. User says:

    It's really well done toutorial series, but unfortunetly links have expired. It would be nice to be abel to use them.

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