WinDbg Preview Information

Installation - You can install the WinDbg Preview from the store if you have Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer at - WinDbg Preview uses some features from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so that’s required for now. The Windows Store lets us release bug fixes and updates to you faster than we've ever been able to before, so make sure to stayed tuned to our blog and MSDN to learn the latest about the preview.

Feedback - Familiarize yourself a bit with the Feedback Hub! We've still got a long way to go before we cover all WinDbg features, and we'll be using the Feedback Hub to help us prioritize what you want us to work on! The Windows Insider website has a great overview on how to give good feedback - Once you've read that, just hit the 'Feedback Hub' button on the home ribbon.

Questions - Feel free to post comments on our WinDbg FAQ post, send feedback in the Feedback Hub, or tweet @aluhrs13 and we'll do our best to answer.

Documentation - We've got some early documentation up on MSDN that's preliminary and subject to change at, you can give us feedback or propose edits to that documentation by hitting "Comments" or "Edit" on any page. Also keep your eyes on the blog for more updates and tips.

Videos - We went to the Channel 9 studio and recorded a couple episodes of Defrag Tools to help explain some of the basics of WinDbg Preview.

  • Defrag Tools #182 - Tim, Chad, and I go over the basics of WinDbg Preview and some of the features
  • Defrag Tools #183 - Nick, Tim, and Chad use WinDbg Preview and go over a quick demo
  • Defrag Tools #184 - Bill and Andrew walk through the scripting features in WinDbg Preview
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