New C++ library for extending the debugger data model

Hi everyone! Late last year we released dbgmodel.h to enable consuming and extending the debugger data model from non-JavaScript extensions. Those COM APIs are fairly verbose so we’re publishing a C++ library to enable simplified use of the data model. You can get it through Nuget or GitHub: Nuget – GitHub – The readme on…


WinDbg Preview 1.0.1812.12001 and new extensibility interfaces

Hi everyone and happy holidays! We’ve got a more extension focused release this time around, with a new C++ header, a new data model extension focusing around enabling easier JavaScript extensions, and a bunch of new samples! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below or reach out to me on Twitter @aluhrs13. If…


New Extensions and Samples GitHub Repo

Hi Everyone! Today we’re starting a GitHub repo that we’ll be adding sample scripts and extensions to over time. The two key goals are to allow us to easily share useful scripts and extensions while helping people write scripts by providing examples. Right now we only have one script, but we’ll be looking at adding…


WinDbg Preview 1.0.1810.2001 Release Notes

Hi everyone! Its been a little while since we had some release notes to share! We’ve pushed out a couple versions over the past two months, but they’ve mostly contained minor changes and bug fixes. This release has a bit more to it though. As always, feel free to leave feedback in the comments below….


WinDbg Preview 1.0.1807.11002 Release Notes

Hey everyone! WinDbg Preview 1.0.1807.11002 is rolling out shortly with a chunk of bug fixes and one major addition! Automatic saving and loading of breakpoints One of the biggest feature requests we’ve had for WinDbg Preview is to replace workspaces. We’re starting down that route by enabling the saving and loading of breakpoints. Launching something…


WinDbg Preview 1.1805.17002.0 Release Notes

Hi everyone! We’ve got a mostly small release rolling out right now, but there’s at least one big change I hope you all will like! New disassembly window We’re starting to revamp some of the more barebones windows that are lacking compared to WinDbg. The first one we’re diving into is the disassembly window! We’ve…


WinDbg Preview 1.1804.18003.0 Release Notes

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since our last big update, but we have quite a few things to share in the latest version of WinDbg Preview that should be rolling out shortly! Symbol status and cancellation Every once in a while WinDbg will sit saying it’s *BUSY* loading symbols and it’s difficult to determine…


Time Travel Debugging queries

Overview Do you need to debug something but hate stepping through 100s-1000s lines of code? Do you wish there was a faster way to answer “What is the problem?” If you answered Yes to either, then read on to learn more about using Time Travel Debugging (TTD) queries to streamline debugging. Software is a complex…


Text highlighting in WinDbg Preview

Hi Everyone! There’s a new update rolling out to WinDbg Preview (version 1.1801.19001.0) with some minor bug fixes and one highly requested feature! We know that sharing the output of your debugger is pretty important for passing along bugs and investigations. Often people spend a big chunk of time forming mails by highlighting important output,…


Time Travel Debugging recording question

Hi Everyone, Welcome to a new year and we look forward to improving debugging experiences in 2018, including enhancements to Time Travel Debugging (TTD) . We have heard from many of you that while TTD is great, it is not always easy or convenient to use WinDbg Preview to record apps and processes. We want…