Should v1.1 of the Snipping Tool support pre-SP2 Tablets?

As some of you may know I created the Snipping Tool power toy for the Tablet PC and an update is due to be released some time this summer (northern hemisphere). 

Being so close to the release of XP SP2 and thus the free update to the Tablet operating system, I would like to add support for some new features of the OS and drop support for any pre-SP2 machines because I can't see anyone not upgrading; is anyone not going to update their tablet to the 2005 Edition when SP2 is released?

Comments (3)

  1. Colin Walker says:

    Maybe some first generation Tablet users may not upgrade due to performance issues, but other than them I think just about everyone will be giving the SP2 download a hammering 😉

  2. Leo says:

    How about allowing non-tablet PC to use this great tool as well? I could use the feature on my desktopdevelopment PC, and I’m sure there are others who would benefit from this also!

    Or, is there any good alternatives to it that I don’t know?

  3. Kollen Glynn says:

    I agree it has some useful features that would work well for non-tablet uses especially testers but this was one of Microsoft’s requirements.

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