International availability of Microsoft Office Accounting 2008

Today we launched Office Accounting 2008 for the US and UK markets. We are also releasing a US Spanish version. Similar to Office Accounting 2007, Office Accounting 2008 includes the free Express versions of the product. As I blogged about previously, unlike most other products it isn’t a matter of just localizing the text and releasing…


International availability of Microsoft Office Accounting 2007

I see questions about whether Office Accounting 2007 will be released outside the US on a daily basis (especially from my fellow countrymen in Australia, and from folks in Canada and the UK) so hopefully this will help set things straight. Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 is currently available within the USA only. At this stage,…


Office Accounting 2007

For the last three years I have been working on the Office Accounting team; specifically on the user interface. We shipped Office Small Business Accounting 2006 over a year ago and just shipped its successor: Office Accounting 2007 which now comes in Express and Professional SKUs. The Express version is free and I think people…


Snipping Tool is part of Vista

It’s been a long while since I blogged so it’s about time I pumped some life back into this thing. I was loading up the latest build of Vista on one of my machines recently and noticed that the Snipping Tool is now part of Vista. The OS version is feature-reduced compared to the original two…


Tablet PC SDK v1.7 Released

Now that SP2 has been released, you can finally download the Tablet PC SDK v1.7.


How to find out which process is locking a DLL

I thought this might be useful to people running XP or later.  Every so often I need to know what process has locked a DLL because a delete or similar operation failed.  In such cases I always turn to tasklist.exe, the command line version of the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).  It’s not well known but it…


How to patch a new system without getting infected

With Sasser and friends out there, it seems like a chicken and egg scenario when trying to download patches for a vulnerable new system, if you’re unlucky as Loren Heiny explains you’ll be infected before you can even download and install the updates.  A similar question was asked on an internal Microsoft forum a while back and…


Should v1.1 of the Snipping Tool support pre-SP2 Tablets?

As some of you may know I created the Snipping Tool power toy for the Tablet PC and an update is due to be released some time this summer (northern hemisphere).  Being so close to the release of XP SP2 and thus the free update to the Tablet operating system, I would like to add…


Am I running on a Tablet PC?

If you develop for Windows XP and want to take advantage of Tablet PC specific features when your application is run on a tablet, there’s a simple way to find out.  Just call the Win32 API GetSystemMetrics with the magic number 86:using System.Runtime.InteropServices; // System metric constant for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition private const int SM_TABLETPC =…


Tablet PC Developer Tour

If you develop applications for Windows XP, you should be interested in developing for the Tablet PC since any application that runs on Windows XP Professional will run on a tablet. With the release of the 2005 Edition of the Tablet PC OS and the associated 1.7 SDK coinciding with XP SP2, now is a…