Win2D 1.19.0 – Windows 10 Anniversary Edition support, new image effects, doc improvements, and bugfixes

Win2D version 1.19.0 is now available on NuGet (for Windows 10 or Windows / Phone 8.1) and GitHub.

This release adds four new image effects: AlphaMaskEffect, CrossFadeEffect, OpacityEffect, and TintEffect.  These are new in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition version of Direct2D, so are not supported on older versions of Windows.  They are just helpers that make it easier to implement common operations – identical results could previously be achieved by setting the right options on more configurable effect types:

Documentation improvements:

  • Nukepayload2 added VB snippets to the readme and doc intro page (thanks for the contribution!)
  • More information about how to use Win2D with C++/CX
  • Better docs for DpiCompensationEffect


  • #377 (Long-running CanvasAnimatedControl crashes due to CoreDispatcher::RunAsync failure)
  • #354 (InvalidCastException when call CanvasDevice.GetSharedDevice)
  • bricelam removed dead code in InkExample (thanks for the contribution!)
  • CanvasRegionsInvalidatedEventArgs should not be activatable


We added an example showing how to draw superscript and subscript text:



Finally, the Ink example now includes an option to use the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update pencil rendering style:


Comments (3)

  1. THANK YOU! Boy I love Win2D.
    We will soon port our UWP game Outlander to Win2D. It will result in improved performance and better visuals.

  2. Kasper Bergh says:

    Thank you! I really like what you are doing with Win2D and how fast you develop it!

  3. lindexi_gd says:

    Wow,but not support WPF.

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