Poll – how long should Win2D maintain support for older Visual Studio versions?

Occasionally Win2D runs into bugs in the operating system or compiler, and has to work around them.  Eventually these bugs get fixed, which begs the question - how long after a fix is available should we wait before removing our workarounds from Win2D?

This post is your chance to give feedback on whether it is important for newer versions of Win2D to work with older versions of Visual Studio.

Options that we plan to continue supporting:

  • Use Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 to build 8.1 apps using Win2D
  • Use the latest update of Visual Studio 2015 to build UWP apps using Win2D
  • Run 8.1 Win2D apps on Windows 8.1, Phone 8.1, or any version of Windows 10
  • Run UWP Win2D apps on any version of Windows 10

The option we are not sure about:

  • Use older versions of Visual Studio 2015 to build UWP apps using Win2D

Does this matter to you?  Note that even if we decide to remove our workarounds, which would require everyone building UWP Win2D apps to install the latest Visual Studio 2015 update, the resulting apps would still run on every version of Windows 10, whether updated or not.  Note also that older versions of Visual Studio 2015 would continue to work with older versions of Win2D.

Let us know in the comments below,

Comments (7)

  1. ActiveNick says:

    I'm fine with your proposal. The latest version of VS2015 for UWP should be ok for most. In my experience, it's typically in the enterprise world when working on WinForms, WPF pr ASP.NET that developers get stuck in the past.

  2. BC says:

    Seeing as older versions would continue to work with older versions of Visual Studio, I don't see any reason not to remove said work arounds. In fact, removing support could help incentivize faster adoption of the (presumably) less buggy new version of VS2015…

  3. juanpablogc says:

    I always update to the latest version of Visual Studio (hope on 30th we have the new official UWP SDK release). So from my part you can remove supporting old versions of Visual Studio. And I am only focused on Windows 10. Thanks for asking.

  4. Chris says:

    No problems here.  I have no intention of developing for 8.1, since UWP is really (finally) the way forward and I have faith that Microsoft will aggressively seize the opportunity they've created.

    I just wish they would strongly consider streamlining the UWP to non-store desktop app release path, so you can just write your app once and release on Windows Store, Xbox Marketplace, Steam, Amazon, GoG, etc.  Of course Unity helps in that case, but I think Microsoft can be a better champion for its own platform and vision so that developers can maximize the profit per hour invested.

  5. Chris says:

    To directly respond to your red text, I'm not tied to any old versions of VS2015.

  6. Francesco says:

    In my opinion, you should support from Visual Studio >= 2015 on Windows 10 UWP.

    One thing, done perfectly, and always pointed into the future.

  7. Thanks for the feedback!  This has been very helpful.

    We've decided to remove our workarounds from the next version of Win2D, which will break support for older versions of Visual Studio 2015.

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