Win2D 1.8.0 – custom text rendering and PixelShaderEffect border/interpolation modes

Win2D version 1.8.0 is now available on NuGet (for Windows 10 or Windows / Phone 8.1) and GitHub.

New in this release:



Comments (3)

  1. Chris says:

    More options for font rendering is good.

    The effect precision properties being exposed soon will be nice.  I assume that lets you set a default precision for number handling so you don't need to explicitly cast floats all over the place?

    Also see that S3TC/DXT/BC compressed texture support is in the roadmap, though I'm not sure about the compatibility of it for mobile devices.  I think most Windows Phones are running Snapdragons (Adreno) and don't think they support DXT.  If that's the case and we eventually get Surface phones with Intel/Nvidia combos, I'm worried apps will need to include 2 different texture format to optimize for different devices at the expense of larger downloads.  Maybe the Windows Store will be able to identify which format will be optimal for the device and only include that one in the download to the user?

  2. Chris says:

    Found in the docs that Adrenos do support DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5.  So nevermind. 🙂

    Looking forward to that.

  3. Simon Tao says:

    Hi Chris,

    All Windows GPUs going back to the DirectX9 days (and before) have been required to support BC1, BC2, and BC3 (DXT1/3/5), so they are a suitable common target on DirectX. Direct2D (and soon Win2D) supports BC1-3, and not the newer BC4-7 formats, in order to guarantee that all DirectX feature level 9_1 and above hardware are supported.

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