Win2D 1.5.0 – printing and text outline geometry

 Win2D version 1.5.0 is now available on NuGet (for Windows 10 or Windows / Phone 8.1) and GitHub.

 New in this release:


Comments (4)

  1. RobMc says:

    Thanks for the printing support.  Working with that now.  One question to add custom settings how can that be done?



  2. RobMc says:

    I missed the example of doing this in your example.  Looks very complete.  thanks again.  win2d is great!

  3. RobMc says:

    Where do I submit bugs?  If I do a CreateItemListOption then the associated PrintTaskOptionsChanged event doesn't get fired when the value is changed.  I confirmed the same in your sample.  I am just not sure where to submit the bug.  thanks.

  4. p4gefault says:

    @RobMc: Create an issue on the win2d GitHub repository

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