Announcing Win2D version 1.0.0

466 days and 821 changes after our first commit, and nearly 11 months after we made the project public, today I am pleased to announce the release of Win2D version 1.0.0.

This adds support for Visual Studio 2015 RTM, and provides a stable API that we will avoid breaking as we move on to adding vNext features.  It is no longer compatible with earlier Visual Studio 2015 RC builds.

Note that the "Win2D" NuGet package is deprecated.  Instead, please use either "Win2D.uwp" or "Win2D.win81" depending on whether you are building for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) or Windows/Phone 8.1.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the early adopters who put up with the churn and lack of features in our early builds to give invaluable feedback on how we could make Win2D better.  To reuse a hoary cliché, what bugs remain are our fault, but all the bugs there aren’t is thanks to these brave pioneers!

Comments (9)

  1. Lance McCarthy says:

    Congrats! Updating now …and thank you for sim-shipping with the Nuget v3 🙂

  2. jose says:

    well done .. 🙂

  3. Klaus Löffelmann says:

    Congrats! Great job – can't wait to try!!!

  4. Rico says:

    Bring on more tutorials!

  5. 062369 says:

    MS should also develop win3d to add 3d support!

  6. Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

    Rico is right. Now it's time for easy to follow tutorials. Many of them. PLEASE

  7. DigitalNut says:

    I'll to thanks MS for creating Win2D. It came just in time for our app that is being developed for Windows Universal and Android. Win2D made it easier to port our existing 2D drawing logic from Android.

  8. Tibor says:

    @DigitalNut: Which app are you porting?

  9. DigitalNut says:

    @Tibor: It's a productivity app that is still in development. The Android version was created first so it's more developed.

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