Win2D 0.0.22 – new image effects, samples, and docs

Win2D version 0.0.22 is now available on NuGet and GitHub.


Breaking changes

  • ConvertDipsToPixels takes a new parameter specifying rounding behavior  (it turned out there is no such thing as One True Rounding Implementation To Rule Them All, as the correct way to round depends on what the resulting pixel value will be used for)


What’s new

  • Cleaned up all the remaining CanvasAnimatedControl behavioral corner cases
  • Fixed some threading bugs (deadlocks and hazards)


Where next?

Win2D is on final approach for a V1 landing.  We are now mostly just waiting for Visual Studio 2015 RTM, as there are some changes we need to coordinate with that.

Note that our next release will switch from Apache 2.0 to MIT license.

Comments (1)

  1. juanpablogc says:

    Really great work, I would like to have more time to test them, A question about the blur (frost) in the Windows 10 menus, is using Win2D or will appear another SDK with that?. Thanks

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