Standalone Win2D samples now available

Win2D sample code is now available separately from the full Win2D source:

This repository provides a separate Visual Studio solution per sample, and it references the Win2D package from rather than compiling the samples as part of Win2D itself like we did before.  This makes it easier for people using Win2D to download, build, run, and experiment with the samples.


Comments (9)

  1. Network Janitor says:

    This looks/seems similar to the demo app available in the windows store. Is it basically the same stuff just sliced up into solutions?

  2. Yes, it's the (latest version of) same code, but packaged in a way to be more convenient for people who are using Win2D and want to look at the samples without having to build Win2D itself from source at the same time.

  3. Network Janitor says:

    Excellent, thanks for all your hard work on this. This is going to be fantastic for game development on windows!

  4. matt3031 says:

    Nice one, I've just started playing with Win2D this evening, I'll grab these and have a look, if only I could remember Gav's algorithm for the beast 😉

  5. Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

    yes! thanks for that 🙂

  6. RobMc says:

    Hey Shawn.  Checking in again on printing support for Win2D.  I see that way down the backlog.  Any idea when we might be able to see that?

  7. Hi Rob,

    As you can see printing is on our backlog, but quite a way down the list so it's not something we will be starting work on any time soon.  Your feedback on this is helpful to confirm that it is indeed a feature worth keeping on the backlog, and as with all features we will move it higher if more people ask about it, but as things stand this is ranked behind other work that we've had a larger number of customer requests for.

    In the absence of built-in printing support in Win2D, I recommend you use Win2D APIs to draw into a command list, then use our interop feature to get access to the resulting native D2D command list, and print this using native D2D printing APIs.

  8. RobMc says:

    Thanks.  Is there an example of drawing into a command list and using interop?

  9. Example Gallery includes a demo showing how to do interop – it doesn't specifically use command lists, but the principle is the same regardless of what types you are using.

    The interop mechanism is documented here:…/Interop.htm

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