Win2D at Build 2015

We will be presenting about Win2D at the Build conference in San Francisco next week. You can check out a recording of the session here!

To coordinate with everything else that is happening at Build, we’ll be delaying our next Win2D release past the usual Monday.  We have some bugfixes, minor API improvements, and improved Windows 10 support, which will be showing up as soon as the related moving pieces stop moving.

Comments (8)

  1. OmariO says:

    Good news. It will bring more attention to Win2D.

  2. ButchersBoy says:

    Just watched the video and am trying it out for something already.  This is comething that would be AWESOME in WPF….we right real time trading systems where the screen is very busy, this would be a great tool in our arsenal as we are always battling performance.

  3. ClAndrew says:

    >Good news. It will bring more attention to Win2D.

    I think that's been true, so far!

    >Just watched the video and am trying it out for something already…

    Definitely appreciate having seen your GitHub issue, and getting a sense of what types of scenarios folks are thinking about. I look forward to hearing more about this.

  4. RobMc says:

    Watched the session and starting to play with Win2D now.  Love It!  Thanks.

    Two Questions

    a. If I paint to a Canvas will that show up for Printing?

    b. How can I enumerate Text Fonts?



  5. > a. If I paint to a Canvas will that show up for Printing?

    Win2D does not currently support printing.  This is on our backlog (…/Backlog) but currently quite a way down the list.

    To print Win2D graphics before this direct support is available, one option is to draw them into a rendertarget, call GetPixelBytes to read back the resulting image, copy that into a XAML WriteableBitmap, and then print the WriteableBitmap using standard XAML printing APIs.  A little clunky but it does work.

    I'm curious – is your interest to print pages that mix Win2D with XAML content, or would you be more interested in standalone Win2D printing separate from XAML?

    > b. How can I enumerate Text Fonts?

    This is not yet possible in Win2D.  It is part of the "All DWrite functionality is available in WinRT" item on our backlog.

  6. RobMc says:

    Yes stand-alone Win2D printing is my need.  I don't need to mix XAML and Win2D.

    Please keep up the great work.  I am really excited to put this to work once I can do the above two plus what is there now.



  7. Another short term option (full disclaimer: which I haven't actually tried but expect should work fine 😉 would be to do your drawing using Win2D, then drop down to a C++/CX helper using native Direct2D APIs just for the printing part.  You could use Win2D to populate the command lists (one per page to be printed) and then pass these across to D2D.

  8. RobMc says:

    Thanks Shawn.  I will start with porting to use win2D for now and then will revisit the printing strategy but hopefully since you shared your backlog that helps we see the progression.

    If there is a chance to just do win2D please announce that as I know will be watching this blog.



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