Win2D 0.0.14 – text layouts, opacity masks, geometry readback, and CoreWindow support

Win2D version 0.0.14 is now available on NuGet and Github.

New this sprint:

  • Text layouts
    • Cache the layout of a block of text, allowing it to be drawn many times without having to repeat formatting calculations each time
    • Combine different text formats within a single layout
    • Measure the extents of the text
    • Hit-test against the text
  • Opacity masks


For bonus points, we added more interesting icons to the Example Gallery test app:

Comments (2)

  1. Omari_O says:


    ICanvasPathReceiver  looks very much like classes with "Writer" at the end: StreamWriter, StringWriter, BinaryWriter, XmlWriter.

    Why not to reuse good and very well known for .NET  devs naming.

    And the method good be WriteTo.

  2. These may look similar, but actually they're the opposite.  With classes like StreamWriter, XmlWriter, etc:

    – The framework implements the class

    – App instantiates the class

    – App calls its methods to push data for the framework to do something with

    But with ICanvasPathReceiver:

    – App implements the interface

    – App instantiates it

    – Framework calls its methods to push data outward to the app

    We deliberately didn't use the *Writer naming because we didn't want to make this look like the same pattern as those other types.

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