Win2D binaries now available on NuGet

The big news this sprint is that we are now publishing Win2D binaries on NuGet, so you no longer need to bother downloading the source and compiling it yourself.  We will update this package every time we push new code to GitHub, approximately every two weeks.

Unfortunately we don’t have much in the way of new features ready for you today.  The three big things we’ve been working on this sprint (swapchain APIs for animated rendering, a better mechanism for async resource loading, and improved support for high DPI displays) are making good progress but not quite done yet.  Depending on how things go over the next couple of days, we may do a mid-sprint push with some or all of them later in the week.

Breaking changes in this release:

  • Renamed some methods to clarify things that operate in pixels as opposed to the usual dips
    • CanvasBitmap.CopyFromBitmap -> CopyPixelsFromBitmap
    • CanvasBitmap.GetBytes -> GetPixelBytes
    • CanvasBitmap.SetBytes -> SetPixelBytes
    • CanvasBitmap.GetColors -> GetPixelColors
    • CanvasBitmap.SetColors -> SetPixelColors
    • CanvasDevice.MaximumBitmapSize -> MaximumBitmapSizeInPixels
  • Changed how CanvasBitmap.LoadAsync handles DPI
    • No longer reads DPI metadata from the source image file
    • Instead, we added overloads that let you explicitly specify the DPI
  • Effect properties that specify angles are now in radians rather than degrees
    • DirectionalBlurEffect.Angle
    • HueRotationEffect.Angle
    • Distant{Diffuse|Specular}Effect Azimuth and Elevation
    • Spot{Diffuse|Specular}Effect.LimitingConeAngle

Comments (3)

  1. Published a Win2D game says:


    Thank you for the great work you're doing on Win2D. Just wanted to let you know that I finished my first game using Win2D. Originally, I created the game using pure XAML/C#, but performance was not good enough. Win2D made it really easy for me to use Direct2D, and now the game is available in the Windows store here:…/f7429ef2-0d7e-4107-8415-668be09b6efc

    Kind regards,


  2. Congrats on shipping the game!

  3. Josue Yeray says:


    I just published an article in c# corner about Win2D… hope you like it!…/hardware-accelerated-graphics-with-win2d

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