End of sprint – finished bitmap APIs, more robust CanvasControl, and more image effects

We pushed new Win2D code to github today.

Important change: you no longer need to call Clear at the start of your CanvasControl.Draw event handler. Nothing will break if you do, but it’ll be inefficient since we now clear for you before raising the event.

What’s new:

  • Finished the bitmap API surface
  • More robust CanvasControl
    • Now automatically clears before raising the Draw event, so you no longer need to clear yourself inside Draw. This avoids confusion about whether previous drawing persists from one Draw to the next. Use the CanvasControl.ClearColor property to customize the clear color.
    • Automatically calls DXGIDevice::Trim on application suspending (required to pass Store app certification)
    • Handles lost devices
    • Fixed a couple of crash bugs
  • Added ConvolveMatrixEffect, DiscreteTransferEffect, and TableTransferEffect. Check out the Example Gallery for some cool new image effect demos.

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