End of sprint – added CanvasImageBrush

The Win2D team uses 2 week engineering sprints.  We plan on pushing new code to the master github branch approximately(1) at the end of each sprint.

(1)    I say “approximately” because we aren’t promising to stick exactly to a biweekly cadence.  We might push more often if we have exciting things we want to share right away, or less often if we’ve been lazy and didn’t get anything worthwhile finished during a sprint  🙂

Today is our first public end-of-sprint, which means we are releasing new code.  But not all that much new code, because we pushed our latest bits when we went public last Thursday!  Since then we have three bugfixes and one new feature:

Bugfix: Visual Studio hang when opening Win2D.sln.

Bugfix: build.cmd failed if your enlistment folder name contained spaces.

Bugfix: build.cmd did not give a proper error message if you ran it from the command prompt of a too-old Visual Studio version.

Feature: implemented CanvasImageBrush.  Brushes define the color used to draw shapes, but until now we only supported CanvasSolidColorBrush, which, well, I’m sure you can guess what that does.  Image brushes are more interesting - their color is defined by an image, which can be a bitmap, or the output of an effect, or (someday when we implement this part) a list of other drawing commands.  Image brushes let you do things like:

    var blurredTiger = new GaussianBlurEffect
        Source = tigerBitmap,
        StandardDeviation = 3

    var catBrush = new CanvasImageBrush(sender, blurredTiger)
        SourceRectangle = tigerBitmap.Bounds,
        Transform =

    var font = new CanvasTextFormat
        FontFamily =
"Times New Roman",
        FontSize = 64,
        FontWeight =

    args.DrawingSession.DrawText("This text\nis brushed\nwith a\nblurry tiger.",
                                 0, 0, catBrush, font);


Check out the backlog to see what we’ll be working on in the next sprint.  The order of some things has changed since last week due to early customer feedback.

Comments (4)

  1. KooKiz says:

    Great to see you guys putting so much effort on communication. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Win2D will grow and maturate.

  2. ahmad says:

    please don't do this, you guys will again just abandon it..just like XNA.. 🙁

  3. gfcprogramer says:

    This could will bring many games back onboard.

    Most games in XNA where 2D.I hope microsoft enbrace this, and later bring xna again, inside their own SDK libaries, like they did with DirectX, but with sample browser  and support like old marvelous directX days.

    Microsoft did very strange things those couple of years behind together with that forced windows 8 interface against users requests.

    I just love cSharp and .NET Framework. This will give my game back to market, while adapting other powerfull versions into DirectX and C++.


  4. honu says:

    Hi ahmad. I share your concern. I hope that CLA will achieve MS stated goal: users to be confident about the origins and continuing existence of the code

    "… Microsoft asks that all contributors sign a contributor license agreement (CLA). CLAs are generally common and accepted in most open source software projects. We all want Microsoft's open source projects to be as widely used and distributed as possible. We also want its users to be confident about the origins and continuing existence of the code.  …"


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