Connecting to Azure Analysis Services using Service principal or User token

There are some challenges in connecting to Azure Analysis Services (AAS) using service principal or user token from Web Api or any C# code. This article will help you to overcome those problems and connect to AAS. The first section has details about how to connect to AAS using service principal token. The second section…


Upgrading from ASP.NET 5 beta to ASP.Net 5 RC

follow below steps to upgrade from ASP.NET 5 beta to ASP.NET 5 RC 1. close all Visual studio instances. 2. Install latest ASP.NET version from 3. Run dnvm upgrade from VS command prompt as administrator 4. Use below code to update startup.cs. Ensure to update namespace in below code when you copy into your project. using…


SharePoint Hosted App workflow with elevated permissions

This article is about running SharePoint Hosted App workflow steps with elevated permissions. Follow below steps in order to run any workflow activity with elevated permissions. 1. In AppManifest check ‘Allow the app to make app-only calls to sharepoint’ and add required permissions. ex: You need Web or List manage permissions to set Item level permissions in the workflow activity. 2….


SharePoint List NewForm Customization in SharePoint Hosted App

This article is about customizing SharePoint hosted app List NewForm and using SharePoint UI controls like Calendar, People picker etc… within custom form. Below steps help in understanding SharePoint hosted app UI customizing and leveraging SharePoint capabilities within app. 1. Create SharePoint hosted App and add columns as per your requirement. I added ‘Data and Time’ and ‘People or…