What’s up with us playing Kanban games in the garage?

A couple of months ago a colleague, Ewald Hofman, delivered a phenomenal Kanban training at Microsoft Vancouver, using the getKanban. game. It triggered numerous discussions during and long after the event, and influenced posts such as planning … it’s all about people and the secret sauce to managing our backlog and TODO lists‎. The game…


Three great books on DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Team Foundation Server

What’s the future of books? It’s a question many of us have been asking ourselves, as the time between technology innovation becomes shorter, making it difficult to deliver an up-to-date book. We’d be interested in your views, as a reader, on the future and value of printed versus electronic technology and guidance books. Should we,…


Talking about Scrum, Kanban, Agile Portfolio Management with Visual Studio Team Services at DevConf ZA

I had the privilege to attend, collaborate and present at the community driven and developer focused devconf conference, which served to inspire software developers! We all battled with heat, ad-hoc power failures, distracting sound issues, and the 30-min sessions made it tough to cover everything we planned. My session was about… I hope I inspired…


MS Press – Managing Agile Open Source Software using Visual Studio Online

Finally our on-going Visual Studio Online dogfooding adventure and learnings are shared on MS Press for free: … find more free ebooks from Microsoft Press here. Pete, one of our patient reviewers, had this to say: Are you working on a large, distributed software project, maybe with many part-time, and even volunteer resources? Do you…


Building a Release Pipeline with Team Foundation Server 2012

A real gem! If you fire up your v1 (yes I am still running that one on my Surface RT) you may not notice the latest gem, but if you are running v2 of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map, wander through the guidance or use search to stumble over Building a Release Pipeline with Team…


ALM Rangers ALM Dogfooding, Ruck and the new TLAs – Part 5

Continuing from ALM Rangers ALM Dogfooding and the age of the visual board – Part 4 we will focus on the Ruck backlog in this post, sharing experiences, asking for candid feedback and giving the ALM Ranger project leads a checklist to work with. IMPORTANT: Always refer to the ALM Rangers Practical Ruck Training and…


ALM Ranger solution types and a practical walkthrough of the Quick Response concept (Part 2)

in World-Wide Virtual Teams from the ALM Rangers perspective (Part 1) we introduced the concept of teams, virtual teams (vTeam) and the ALM Ranger worldwide virtual Teams (wwvTeam). Operating within an organization embracing an ambitious goal to drastically reduce its solution release cadence, these teams are forced to align ourselves to continue offering value-add services….


World-Wide Virtual Teams from the ALM Rangers perspective (Part 1)

Our team has been discussing books and, more recently, articles focused on leadership. The latest article, Look Beyond the Team: It’s About the Network, by Jon R. Katzenbach, made me contemplate why we are reading and not writing these articles, as our team has a platter of real-world experience that we should be sharing with…


Have I reached a design epiphany or am I finally lost in outer orbit?

Pondering over design by synthesis versus differentiation. Post revised on 2011/10/08 Context … Earlier this week I attended a 2-day “Design Patterns Explained” course, delivered by Scott Bain from NetObjectives. It was a phenomenal course and an exceptional presenter who loved anecdotes and visualization … bingo! The reason it took me this long to mention…


Latest readiness adventure Part 4 … welcome Process Guidance initiatives

Following on to the Visual Studio ALM Rangers recently called it a daunting but exciting adventure … what’s coming? post, we introduce two more solutions that will be upgraded and two new adventures. ——————————————————————- Rangers Personas and Scenarios (Upgrade) Context Common definition of personas and scenarios used in Visual Studio ALM Rangers guidance. Note: We…