Pirates ship ALM Readiness Treasure Map v3 release for Windows 8.1

We are pleased to announce the third major release of ALM Readiness Treasure Map v3 to the Windows Store. “Greetings fellow pirates!  The ship has now sailed on v3 of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map!  We’re excited to share this new version with you, as we have included the ability to update the content dynamically. …


Getting ready for a weekend of candid discussions around scaling agile

More pictures emerged from TR, taken by João Paulo Rodrigues. Pirates … arrrrrrrr! … Robert Bernstein (project lead and captain), Anisha Pindoria (UX SME) and Darren Rich  (Tester and breaker of things) of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map research project. Today my focus was on setting up the training room for the weekend. My dear…


ALM Rangers @ TR19 … day 4 impressions … what about day 3?

Sorry, day three my laptop imploded an hour before our session, leaving me wondering what I have done to the digital bits and bytes, being absent minded during our session and spending the afternoon and evening convincing my laptop to reboot. Sorry, that too day 3 with it and until João Paulo Rodrigues shares the…


Visual Studio ALM Ranger Important Links

We are often asked where we keep the chest full of ALM Ranger treasures. Here is a summary of important links: Understanding the ALM Rangers aka.ms/vsarunderstand Who are the ALM Rangers aka.ms/vsarindex ALM Ranger Solutions, eBooks and ALM Community solutions aka.ms/vsarsolutions ALM Ranger Videos and Publications aka.ms/vsarpublications  ALM Rangers Readiness Treasure Map aka.ms/vsartmaptoc Where can…


ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2.1 and vNext Feature Triage

We recently had a really great chalk & talk event, during which the audience engaged in raising and prioritising ideas. Here are the photos we took at the event after an initial prioritization discussion: PS: WBN … Would Be Nice v2.1 and vNext Triage The following represents an initial triage view of the proposed features,…


How to draw an ALM Readiness Treasure Map shipmate

Introducing you to Anisha Pindoria, our User Experience (UX) lead of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map team: … and Robert Bernstein, our captain (project lead):


7 years of VSTS –> Visual Studio ALM Rangers history … a la shirts

Official Ranger Shirts You can recognise the ALM Rangers in their official shirts dating back to the blue 2006 VSTS Ranger days, 2010 ALM Rangers and soon to be distributed 2013 ALM Rangers shirt (front). … 3 shirts embracing 7 years of phenomenal adventures. Certified ALM Rangers Ruck Masters will get two shirts, the one…


Treasure Map under the bonnet (hood) #6 … News Island

Now that we have covered the Windows Store App specific design and coding adventures, we can make a quick detour through some other coding gems. Today we will peek behind the solution scene to explore the News feature. News Feed Feature Those familiar with the first version of the ALM Rangers Treasure Map with recognise…


Treasure Map under the bonnet (hood) #5 … Finishing touches, but not yet finished!

In v2 the team has invested a great deal of UX design and feature coding to improve the accessibility, the user experience and ensure that the user always has a snapshot of the latest information relevant to the treasure hunt. In this post we will peek into the App Bar, Splash Screen and Live Tiles….


Treasure Map under the bonnet (hood) #4 … Data Binding

Data binding is a simple thing …. or not? If you are remembering the Win32 API and MFC, the associated adventures and often convoluted and complex supporting logic you are not alone. Conceptually data binding is easy. You have an instance of a data object, an instance of a business object, a user interface and…