IPELENG risk management services made my ZA trip a breeze

If you are planning a trip to sunny South-Africa (ZA), I recommend that you peruse www.ipeleng.co.za! During my recent business trip I was able to relax, while I enjoyed safe and timeous transfers to numerous meetings in Johannesburg and the DevConf conference. Instead of worrying about driving on the left-hand side of the road, navigating…


Completed a dream journey after only 24 years

As you probably know, diving in the ocean, sharks, ship wrecks and their history is one of my great passions. In 1991, we travelled from South-Africa to Guam and Truk Lagoon, also known as Chuuk Lagoon, located within the Federated States of Micronesia. Some describe Truk Lagoon, considered the most formidable stronghold in the Pacific…


Remembrance day at Semihamoo beach on 11.11 @ 11:11

A few pictures from Remembrance Day, taken at the Semihamoo bay. The numerous flybys, missing man formations, and frequent heart shaped clouds were moving.


Yeah … a batch of RadioTFS stickers arrived today :)

RadioTfs is the podcast that I listen to regularly, both because it is very informative and fun. Subscribe to one of their feeds now! Martin and Greg recently chatted about stickers and the disk mule that we used to exchange between South-Africa and the high-bandwidth countries. Well, the long awaited package with RadioTFS stickers has…


Enjoying a day up in Squamish (Mother of the Wind)

We enjoyed a warm and “smokey” day in  Squamish, British Columbia today. The First Nations have governed this beautiful region for over 10,000 years and call it “Mother of the Wind” due to the strong winds. Surrounding Squamish is a scenery of gob-smacking beautiful mountains, granite monoliths and glaciers. What you will notice in the…


Unplugging from #almrangers to enjoy the Boundary Bay airshow

I unplugged from the digital matrix and the ALM Rangers for a day to walk to and enjoy the Boundary Bay Airshow’15. The B17 bomber was the highlight of the day … seeing and hearing its raw power, beauty and grace took us all back to the 1940’s … A big THANK YOU to the…


Another great community day with colleagues at the Sharing Farm

We enjoyed another great day at the http://www.sharingfarm.ca/, pulling weeds,  trimming grass and many other back breaking activities Here are a few pictures to demonstrate the beauty and phenomenal weather we enjoyed: These volunteer days are not only for a good cause, but really great for team building and always fun as shown by Pavan’s…


Weekend pictures at the seawall, relaxing and remembering!

Pictures from Semahimoo Bay, close to our home and my favourite spot to unplug from the digital world. Pictures from Iona Island where we walked 4km into the Strait … beautiful walk and experience


My last Rangers post on this blog and then a switch back to personal reflections …

Git for the TFVC User – Workflow Investigations Part 4: Converting a TFVC repository was the last Visual Studio ALM Rangers team post on this blog. This blog will be reverting back to personal reflections, thoughts and experiences, diverting all Rangers team chatter to the Visual Studio ALM Rangers team blog. why the visual studio…


What … there is a development centre in Vancouver?!?

After hearing this question one too many times, it is time to zoom into a small, yet buzzing spot on this planet, the city of Vancouver, Canada! Interesting spots on the maps … Is where the Vancouver Development Center is located at the time of creating this post. Is where Redmond is approximately located. See…