devconf’s log #4 – “Was zum Geier?”, lean coffee, and rain!

Continued from devconf’s log #3 – Sessions, Cubes, and lots of collaboration. We have arrived in Cape Town for the first devconf conference in the city … we’re tired, but still stoked Here are a few pictures to give you a snippet of the Capetonian event. Speaker dinner – “Was zum Geier?”, why is our…


What’s up with us playing Kanban games in the garage?

A couple of months ago a colleague, Ewald Hofman, delivered a phenomenal Kanban training at Microsoft Vancouver, using the getKanban. game. It triggered numerous discussions during and long after the event, and influenced posts such as planning … it’s all about people and the secret sauce to managing our backlog and TODO lists‎. The game…


A morning at the food bank … keep those opened cookies!

This morning we spent a few hours at the . Thanks to catching the wrong “22” bus, I was 2 minutes late, but reported in time for an interesting and informative morning. It was a change to the usual Sharing Farm‎, which probably feeds this program with vegetables and fruit. See for more information…


Talking about Scrum, Kanban, Agile Portfolio Management with Visual Studio Team Services at DevConf ZA

I had the privilege to attend, collaborate and present at the community driven and developer focused devconf conference, which served to inspire software developers! We all battled with heat, ad-hoc power failures, distracting sound issues, and the 30-min sessions made it tough to cover everything we planned. My session was about… I hope I inspired…


IPELENG risk management services made my ZA trip a breeze

If you are planning a trip to sunny South-Africa (ZA), I recommend that you peruse! During my recent business trip I was able to relax, while I enjoyed safe and timeous transfers to numerous meetings in Johannesburg and the DevConf conference. Instead of worrying about driving on the left-hand side of the road, navigating…


Remembrance day at Semihamoo beach on 11.11 @ 11:11

A few pictures from Remembrance Day, taken at the Semihamoo bay. The numerous flybys, missing man formations, and frequent heart shaped clouds were moving.


Day of caring … a chance to enjoy the beauty of Stanley Park

Every year the Vancouver Development Centre gathers for the day of caring, giving us an opportunity to work together outside of the digital divide and do something for our environment at the same time. Our recent event took us to Stanely Park … I captured a few pictures of the beautiful harbour area while picking…


Unplugging from #almrangers to enjoy the Boundary Bay airshow

I unplugged from the digital matrix and the ALM Rangers for a day to walk to and enjoy the Boundary Bay Airshow’15. The B17 bomber was the highlight of the day … seeing and hearing its raw power, beauty and grace took us all back to the 1940’s … A big THANK YOU to the…


Learn how to implement the DevOps model of expedited software development

If you are interested to “discover how the DevOps approach to software development can improve software quality, expedite release cycles and make your business more agile in responding to user needs” you should peruse the  Certificate in DevOps. You can opt for the part-time in-class option if you are in the Seattle area, or the…


Visual Studio 2015 launch resources

Visual Studio launch [is|was] exciting, especially seeing our rock star Donovan Brown live. If you missed the live event or want to check out any other videos related to today’s releases, you can check them out on Channel 9. More related resources Blog posts: ScottGu, Soma, BHarry, VS team, ALM series, .NET roll-up, ASP.NET 4.6…