Alexander Schaub … our son, brother and “champ” remembered

I will unfortunately be offline for the foreseeable future as we head back home to embrace our fallen angel. I will resume the Rangers blog as soon as possible. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Alexander, our son and brother to Jacques and Thorsten was born in South-Africa on 18 May 1992. A tragic car crash on Sunday/27 tuned our…


ALM Rangers Ruck – Proposed innovations to the v1.2 guidance. Thoughts?

We introduced the concept of “loose Scrum” (also known as a maul or ruck in Rugby) in 2011 to streamline the ALM Rangers projects and continuously adjust and improve to maximise respect for people, optimise development flow and embrace the philosophy of kaizen ( Revised 2014-02-11. remembering our constraints Before we cover our observations and…


VSTS Rangers Projects – TFS Migration Tools: Query => Is the migration from one process template to another a plausible scenario?

This post invites you for input on a possible scenario we are considering as part of the guidance for the VSTS Rangers TFS Migration Tools project, which is listed as one of the VSTS Rangers initiatives mentioned in the index post here. We would appreciate your candid input, either by adding a comment to this…


Understanding the Visual Studio ALM Rangers

This page has been retired and has been migrated to our Visual Studio ALM Rangers team blog!  Updated on: 2015-01-02 For more information see:       Who are we? We started the VSTS Rangers program in March 2006 as a joint venture between the Visual Studio Team System team and the Worldwide Communities program, part of…


If you have problems with TFS or Visual Studio flush the user cache … or not?

Updated 2010-09-22 … changes in blue italic. BUT … before you go down this “drastic” route, please get a cup of coffee and think about pressing the Enter key. WHY … The side effects are that your personal environment resets to default and many, if not all, the Visual Studio extension  have to be re-installed….


VSTS Rangers Projects – summary of projects covered on this blog

This post is simply a collection of the various posts that covers VSTS Rangers projects. Last update posted on: 26 July 2009. Released Projects covered on this blog to date   … these are released projects which have been covered on this blog, click URLs for more information> VSTS Ranger Projects – WCF Load Test…


Branching and Merging Guide … are we on track with our strategies?

Updated: 2013-09-06 The Branching and Merging Guide team has embarked on an adventure to upgrade the guidance to embrace Team Foundation Server 2013, TFVC, NuGet and Git. The plan is to ship four focused eBook styled guides, walkthroughs, hands-on labs and an upgrade of the TFS Branch Tool. In this post we would like to…


TFS Integration Tools – Can we migrate Test Cases? Q&A-40

The Integration Tools are not designed to successfully migrate Test Cases at this stage. They need to be identified as Test Cases and processed as such, including the special XML encoded data fields, which should be cracked open and edited to point to the newly migrated work items. You could review the Visual Studio 2010…