A Raspberry Pi2 VSTS Build Light – Part 3, why not to shrink-wrap 3D printed cases :)

A few weeks ago I received a special 3D printed case from Anthony Borton for the Raspberry Pi2 VSTS Build Light, which he printed in Australia, shrink-wrapped, and brought across the vast ocean by plane. At first I was sure I was going crazy and I’m convinced that Anthony thought likewise … but the Raspberry Pi2 was longer and wider than the case I received.

“Honey, I shrunk the case”

At the MVP Global Summit I received another case from Anthony. We compared the two identically printed cases, which were definitely no longer identical, as shown.


Hypothesis - A shrink-wrapped 3D-printed gadget, stored in the luggage compartment of a trans-Atlantic flight, may result in deformation.You may have noticed that plastic water bottles are crushed after a long flight. When you open a bottle mid-flight to enjoy the content, air will replace the liquid. When you return to sea level the pressure surrounding the sealed bottle will increase. The plastic bottle, or in our case, the air-filled 3D-printed gadget may collapse as a result of the pressure imbalance.

Recommendation – Exchange 3D print files and avoid transporting 3D printed covers in the cargo hold. Most importantly, avoid shrink wrapping the cases, which appears to promote the ’'shrinkage” Smile

Reference information - How Things Work: Cabin Pressure, Cabin air pressure

Raspberry Pi2 VSTS Build Light in its fancy new pyjama

Back in Microsoft Vancouver, the Raspberry Pi2 VSTS Build Light is back in operation, dressed up in its new case.


OK, now I have to figure out how to get the second case to Derrick Cawthon without it shrinking … and yes, how to turn our build status to green again.

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  1. ppindia says:

    Nice paper weight!

    1. The cube under the VSTS Build Light is indeed a nice paper weight or in this case, a VSTS Build Light stand 🙂

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