Talking about Scrum, Kanban, Agile Portfolio Management with Visual Studio Team Services at DevConf ZA

I had the privilege to attend, collaborate and present at the community driven and developer focused devconf conference, which served to inspire software developers!

We all battled with heat, ad-hoc power failures, distracting sound issues, and the 30-min sessions made it tough to cover everything we planned.

My session was about…

I hope I inspired a few of the developers to explore Visual Studio Team Services and here are the slides (pdf) I used:

As mentioned in the talk, I would love to hear from YOU about:

  1. What you like about VS Team Services Smile
  2. What you dislike about VS Team Services Disappointed smile
  3. Adoption blockers you have in terms of VS Team Services Sad smile

The second and third feedback is the kind that feeds our backlog of ideas for missing guidance and tooling. Contact me at or @wpschaub, or our team at @almrangers.

Random pictures from the conference

Do you should recognise two active and one honorary ALM Ranger in four of these pictures?

DSCN3407 - Copy - CopyDSCN3409 - Copy - CopyDSCN3411 - CopyDSCN3413 - CopyDSCN3415 - CopyDSCN3417 - CopyDSCN3418 - CopyDSCN3419 - CopyDSCN3420DSCN3423DSCN3424DSCN3431DSCN3427DSCN3432 - CopyDSCN3433 - CopyDSCN3436

Random pictures at Heathrow terminal 2, on my way back home

WP_20160310_002WP_20160310_003WP_20160310_004WP_20160310_005WP_20160310_007 … my likely lift home.
WP_20160310_008 … I wish the middle plane at the back (Concorde) was my way home Smile


A special THANK YOU goes to Robert MacLean, one of the organizers who made this developer conference a huge win. Also a THANK YOU to Niel Zeeman, Gordon Beeming, Zayd and Andre for supporting me and the Rangers during the VS Team Services talk.

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