Windows 10 upgrade was uneventful, result is awesome

It was with some hesitation that I decided to click the upgrade button, to move from the Windows 8.1 environment I have grown accustomed to. The Windows 10 upgrade told me to “sit back and relax” … the last time I upgraded my OS I ended up re-installing and re-configuring the tools, widgets and applications I gathered over weeks to months. How can I possibly relax? I decided to get a coffee and go for a walk instead.

When I came back I was welcomed by a ready laptop, logged on and have not yet found anything missing or non-functional … the upgrade experience was amazing. Well done!

I immediately spotted three things I really love, other than my better half.


  1. The Start Menu is back, packed with features and an integrated start screen … love it!
  2. The Task View offers not only an overview of active tasks, but also the ability to create and switch between desktops. Now I can have a desktop for the Ranger scrum and planning events, a desktop for development and … this rocks!
  3. The weather forecast for Delta shows 30+ degrees Celsius days ahead of us … how can we ask for more?

OK, back to Visual Studio ALM …

Comments (2)

  1. Mac says:

    Windows 10 has everything we were missing in Windows 8. Well actually more than our expectation (Cortana and Edge) . It took me 50 sec to fully load my website In Microsoft Edge it took less than 10 sec.

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