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welcome our new associate rangers

The following Associate ALM Ranger who has joined us : MIchael Pedersen. Welcome and enjoy the adventure!

MEA MVP Open Day 2015

Gordon Beeming and Suliman AlBattat met each other at the event and shared a summary of their experience and pictures:

Gordon - This was my first MEA Open day and didn't know what exactly to expect. I really enjoyed the event as one of the biggest things that stood out for me was how instead of with MVP Summit where it feels very focused on products and where they are going this event was focused on us and the MVP program itself. It was also really awesome to meet the rest of the MEA MVP's which I didn't really do for that long as I mostly "hang out" with the global ALM guys. It was also really cool to meet with Suliman as I don't get to see many ALM Rangers face to face. Also saw a cool piece of code at work, Windows Embedded MVP Umut Erkal made a machine that made cool MVP pancakes.

Suliman - It was a great opportunity for networking, connecting with the other MVP folks cross MEA region in their different specialties and being lucky to met a folk from the Rangers team their (Gordon) 🙂 The other thing is having more visibility to the MVP award program by sharing the program strategy and roadmap by the program team in corp, and collecting our feedback to improve the program. And being more closed to Microsoft through the sessions conducted by product teams like "Windows 10" and "Microsoft Virtual Academy". It was really a nice journey and very valuable event. Can't wait to see the folks again in the next summit!


more community activity gems worth noticing

The ALM Rangers often engage and deliver value to the ALM community behind the scenes and it is important that we mention some of the many nuggets.

  • David V. Corbin
    • Establishing local community contact in St. Petersburg, Florida and surrounding areas.
    • Looking for opportunities to present ALM – What is it and Why should I Care, and Effective Testing sessions.
    • Continuing TFS/VSO API Open Source Project (GitHub).
    • Starting Semantic Analysis and Tools initiative to solve real-world problems related to comparing and merging [C#] code.
  • Gerson Dias
  • Giulio Vian
    • Working on a number of development efforts on GitHub: TfsAggregator, TfsGitAdmin, GitPushFilterPlugin and WitSync.
    • Presenting “Per capire Desired State Configuration” at “DevOps Italia 2015” in April
  • Jeff Bramwell
  • Marcelo Hideaki Azuma
    • Talking about ALM with Apps for SharePoint at MVP Virtual Conference, May 14/15.
  • Michael Wiley
    • Delivered Windows Azure – Visual Studio Online sessions to WW Community.
  • Ricardo Serradas
  • Suliman AlBattat
    • Delivered Make team more productive with team foundation server 2013 session to user group in Jordan.
    • Deliver podcast talking about ALM and the available resources to get started with in April.
  • Wouter de Kort
    • Proposed Ask The Expert online webinars. See What do you want to know about ALM for more info.
    • Working on new book: DevOps on the Microsoft Stack.
    • Delivering Going DevOps on the Microsoft Stack and Making the move to Visual Studio Online sessions at TechDays NL in May.

… more to come in future flashes!

If you have any questions or feedback on these gems, please add a comment to this post.

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