Understanding TFS migrations from on-premises to Visual Studio Online – Part 2: Walkthrough

We are pleased to announce the release of the second Understanding TFS migrations from on-premises to Visual Studio Online whitepaper. This second part walks you through the migration of a simulated on-premises environment, using Brian Keller's VM, to Visual Studio Online (VSO), based on two assumptions:

  1. You will be using Excel to migrate Work Items from TFS on-premises to Visual Studio Online.
  2. You will be migrating latest Source Code from TFS on-premises to Visual Studio Online


It covers the following core topics:


The whitepaper concludes with a discussion of post-migration questions and the team’s responses.


The first companion whitepaper, included in the download package,  covers practical guidance on selecting a suitable migration strategy as well as tooling to migrate to Visual Studio Online without affecting your operational environment or data fidelity.

special thanks

A THANK YOU to the team: Bandar Alsharfi, Bill Heys, Hosam Kamel, Josh Garverick, Martin Hinshelwood, and Wouter de Kort

A special THANK YOU to our product owner Mario Rodriguez, for yet another successful adventure, his guidance and support!

please send candid feedback!

We can’t wait to hear from you, and learn more about your experience using the whitepapers. Here are some ways to connect with us:

  • Add a comment below.
  • Ask a question on the respective CodePlex discussion forum.
  • Contact me on my blog.
Comments (4)

  1. Josh Garverick says:

    Thanks, Willy — hopefully the community enjoys it as much as I enjoyed contributing to it!

  2. Payton Byrd says:

    So if I want to preserve project history, I need to use GitHub instead of VSO?  That seems odd.  Please create a full migration path to VSO that includes all work items and version history.

  3. Payton says:

    No, you can use the OpsHub tool, or the TFS Integration tools to move history. If you are moving from TFVC to Git there are also tools to make this easy. However the above is a simple easy migration that can be achieved in minutes, not days.

    If you want to migrate from TFVC on TFS to Git on VSO with full fidelity then you should give one of the Rangers a call that specialise in this type of migration.

  4. Payton says:

    Oh, and Git to Git will take about 5 minutes using ordinary git. Easy… But preserving the link between work items and source code would take some work…

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