Remembrance day at Semihamoo beach on 11.11 @ 11:11

A few pictures from Remembrance Day, taken at the Semihamoo bay. The numerous flybys, missing man formations, and frequent heart shaped clouds were moving.


Day of caring … a chance to enjoy the beauty of Stanley Park

Every year the Vancouver Development Centre gathers for the day of caring, giving us an opportunity to work together outside of the digital divide and do something for our environment at the same time. Our recent event took us to Stanely Park … I captured a few pictures of the beautiful harbour area while picking…


The NEWS is back for Visual Studio 2015

The Why the Visual Studio NEWS extension is nothing to ignore or sneeze at post introduced a really cool Visual Studio Extension. Fortunately Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora have upgraded and released the extension for Visual Studio 2015, which means that I can monitor the Visual Studio Updates, Visual Studio Service and ALM Ranger news…


Yeah … a batch of RadioTFS stickers arrived today :)

RadioTfs is the podcast that I listen to regularly, both because it is very informative and fun. Subscribe to one of their feeds now! Martin and Greg recently chatted about stickers and the disk mule that we used to exchange between South-Africa and the high-bandwidth countries. Well, the long awaited package with RadioTFS stickers has…


Enjoying a day up in Squamish (Mother of the Wind)

We enjoyed a warm and “smokey” day in  Squamish, British Columbia today. The First Nations have governed this beautiful region for over 10,000 years and call it “Mother of the Wind” due to the strong winds. Surrounding Squamish is a scenery of gob-smacking beautiful mountains, granite monoliths and glaciers. What you will notice in the…


Windows 10 upgrade was uneventful, result is awesome

It was with some hesitation that I decided to click the upgrade button, to move from the Windows 8.1 environment I have grown accustomed to. The Windows 10 upgrade told me to “sit back and relax” … the last time I upgraded my OS I ended up re-installing and re-configuring the tools, widgets and applications…


Delete Team Project – are you ABSOLUTELY sure?

I just noticed a small, but very welcome feature. When you select delete for a Team Project on Visual Studio Online, it not only verifies that you ABSOLUTELY wish to perform an action that CANNOT be undone, but forces you to confirm the name of the team project. This feature could have saved me a…


Unplugging from #almrangers to enjoy the Boundary Bay airshow

I unplugged from the digital matrix and the ALM Rangers for a day to walk to and enjoy the Boundary Bay Airshow’15. The B17 bomber was the highlight of the day … seeing and hearing its raw power, beauty and grace took us all back to the 1940’s … A big THANK YOU to the…


Learn how to implement the DevOps model of expedited software development

If you are interested to “discover how the DevOps approach to software development can improve software quality, expedite release cycles and make your business more agile in responding to user needs” you should peruse the  Certificate in DevOps. You can opt for the part-time in-class option if you are in the Seattle area, or the…


Visual Studio 2015 launch resources

Visual Studio launch [is|was] exciting, especially seeing our rock star Donovan Brown live. If you missed the live event or want to check out any other videos related to today’s releases, you can check them out on Channel 9. More related resources Blog posts: ScottGu, Soma, BHarry, VS team, ALM series, .NET roll-up, ASP.NET 4.6…