Wondering who the ALM Rangers are? Start here…

Understanding who [1] the ALM Rangers are, their mission and manifesto [2], solutions [3], publications [4], triage [5], and process [6], as well as showing their geographic distribution [7] is easy.

[1] aka.ms/vsarindex [2] aka.ms/vsarunderstand [3] aka.ms/vsarsolutions [4] aka.ms/vsarpublications [5] aka.ms/vsartriage [6] …/archive/tags/pm/ [7] youtube 

Understanding why they are doing it, sacrificing precious family time and sharing invaluable experiences is sheer impossible and requires you to chat with each Ranger face:face. In the interim, I will try to give you enough context to get started.

family>job>rangers … one of our core mantras

the past

Pictures tell a thousand words. While the Rangers ecosystem was founded in 2006 by Bijan Javidi, the following pictures show a few snippets from the past that we have taken since 2009 during events and sabbaticals.  We have a community of bright, passionate, experienced and PHENOMENAL humanoids driving this ecosystem.


the future

We switch from past to the future without dwelling on the present, which by the time you read this is the past anyhow. While our mission has changed little since 2006 and is unlikely to change in the future, we strive to align and increase our impact across ALM communities and product group divisions. The quadrant view and ∆ process change are two of the many dogfood innovations, a continuous effort to reflect, innovate  and streamline our ecosystem, improve ALM Rangers and ALM community ecosystem, and improve the quality and impact of our solutions.

Let’s ship today, make an impact and innovate tomorrow, Willy Schaub

the bridges


The ALM Rangers nurture the gateway of bridges between Visual Studio product groups, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), World Wide Communities and many other teams within Microsoft.

The collaboration has proven invaluable and are one of the main ingredients of our “professional guidance, practical experience and gap-filling solutions”.

A variety of skills, cultures, traditions, objective, agendas, and the geographic distribution of teams creates a volatile and challenging, yet extremely powerful and rewarding ecosystem.

the PM team

Anisha joined the ALM Rangers in August 2014 as one of two full-time ALM Ranger program managers (PM). We now have a potential capacity of five (5) concurrent projects, allowing us to keep up to seventy (70) geographically distributed, part-time and ALM Rangers engaged concurrently. I joined the ALM Rangers as a PM back in 2009 … wow, time flies when one is having fun Smile. We are both responsible for the ALM Rangers ecosystem, interfaces to the ALM MVPs and WW Communities, and contributing to projects.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions, concerns, impediment, or candid feedback in the context of the ALM Rangers. Also read the Fun of PM Blog Series to understand what “makes us tick” Smile

… and now it is your turn to ask all your questions and share your candid feedback!


In support of our mantra family>job>rangers, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy family-time December!

Season's greetings with all good wishes for the new year, from the Schaubs!

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